Ira Sher's The Man in the Well: A Review

Topics: Thought, Protagonist, Mind Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: April 5, 2013

Jessica Evans March 11

Evaluating fiction

Evaluate the characters:
How interested or invested am I in the characters-
I was drawn into this group of children and their choices not to help the man in the well. I like how the story progressed and the curiosity of whether they would help him out or not. The man in the well was rather mysterious and wouldn’t give into the children s questions and that drew me in to wanting more information about the man. What details help me to connect with the characters-

After the man had given the children direct orders to go for help, the children seemed to make the desition of not following his directions. Without speaking of the situation the children already assemble a set of rules as the top one being not to give there names. I can relate to this because when you're close enough to someone or a group of people no words are intended to know you're both thinking the same thing in some situations. What conclusion can I draw about the main character-

Using the children as the main characters I conclude that they mainly tried to “push the envolope.” I've been there, as a child you're constantly trying to push you're elders for anything more than what they've told you you're aloud. Say you're only aloud on the computer tell eight and you go over by five minutes, your parents don't seem to care because it was only five minutes and it was none intentional. Every day you go on for five more minutes then the last day and soon you've gone thirty minutes over you're set time,its now eight thirty and your parent catches you still on the computer. Now its not an unintentional mistake and you get in trouble. The child inched and inched to see how far he could go without being caught, just like these children did. They were just being children but this was an extreme and they new better because Know one was there to stop they just kept going and leading this secret on.

Evaluate the plot and...
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