Iq Debate

Topics: United States, Intelligence quotient, Adoption Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Intelligence in IQ Debate – paraphrase
Intelligence is measured by use of IQ tests. Intelligence comes from inheritance as twins who are brought up separately have similar IQ levels. IQ differences come from genetics which means that IQ differences between groups must be the same. The hierarchy that was imposed in 2009 was Ashkenazi Jews, then East Asians, then whites, then blacks and this hierarchy is constructed purely from nature. In short this hierarchy is racism covered by “fake” science. However, psychologists such as Richard E Nisbett from the University of Michigan in the United States of America will rather question authors ideas than contesting their conclusions. Nisbett states in his book Intelligence and How To Get it that IQ is gained by educational interventions and parenting styles; contradicting the hierarchy of IQ. He agrees that IQ tests do actually measure something worth note. However the claim is that 75 to 85% of IQ comes from heritage whereas he believes that it’s less than 50%. He performed tests on identical twins that grew up separately in adoptive families. The fall came as adoptive families are too similar in the sense that both families will cause the child to have the correct mental stimulation. This proves there is no fixed value for heritage of IQ. Even if genes plays some role in IQ, it implies nothing about differences between populations. An example would two identical maize seeds planted in different soil. One plant will grow well whereas the other will not; it all depends on the environment. The gap has been shrinking. The IQ difference between black and white boys has dropped from 15 points to 9.5. As for East Asians having a higher IQ than Americans, it was found out the tests weren’t conducted properly and when done properly the Americans tend to score slightly higher scores. The most convincing method of eliminating environmental factors would be the method of adoption. Poor children adopted into well-off families tend to...
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