Ipremier Attack Essay

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1. How well did the iPremier Company perform during the seventy-five-minute attack? If you were Bob Turley, what might you have done differently during the attack?

iPremier company did a mediocre job with the seventy-five-minute attack. The company’s lack of standard procedures for incident and event management. Furthermore, the contingency plans in place weren’t adopted by the entire company. The use of binder with policies and procedures seems perfunctory. Moreover, there wasn’t a plan for disaster recovery mainly a backup server in the case of data breaches. Lastly, while outsourcing is a common practice in IT, iPremiere didn’t have a solid relationship with QData. The company’s lack of resistance to provide access NOC (Network Operating Center) delayed finding the root cause of the attack. If I were Bob Turley, I would have called my counterpart at iPremier to gain access to the NOC. I understand the call to the CEO, however given the risk of a breach he had the autonomy (or should’ve had) to escalate the matter. Also, Hurley needed a better
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The iPremier Company CEO, Jack Samuelson, had already expressed to Bob Turley his concern that the company might eventually suffer from a “deficit in operating procedures.” Were the company’s operating procedures deficient in responding to this attack? What additional procedures might have been in place to better handle the attack?

Yes, the company’s operating procedures were deficient in responding to this attack. There was poor contingency planning. Some additional procedures that may have helped during the attack include an Incident Command Center. At my company when emergency events occur Leadership makes the decision to enact a CERC (Corporate Emergency Response Center). A CERC includes a Logistics Coordinator to facilitate among all departments to resolve the problem. The company can benefit from enforcing ITIL

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