ipl and laser level 4 beauty therapy
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Laser and Light Treatments for Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

Question 1 – research and describe the different lasers and IPL systems that are in the industry today. Include Alexandrite, Rudy, Diode, Nd: Yag (lasers), Intense Pulsed Light and Light Heat Energy (broadband spectrum systems)
Alexandrite – absorbed by melanin, is (near infrared) is most effective when used on pale skin and isn’t safe to use on darker skin. It is 755nm visible light wave length. It has a pulsed driod array of 810 nm for pale to medium skin types.
Alexandrite has an observed colour change from green to red.
‘Alexandrite results from small scale replacement of a luminium by chromium ions in the crystal structure, which causes intense absorption of the light over a narrow range of wave lengths in the yellow region of the spectrum’ (Wikipedia)
Alexandrite is a trichoroic gem, which exhibits green, red, and orangey-yellow colours.
Ruby – it is deeper and is 694.3nm in visible wavelength and absorbed by melanine, and isn’t used for hair removal any longer as it is only safe to use on clients with very pale skin. Ruby laser is a solid laser. Its synthetic medium is ruby crystal. Ruby lasers use short pulses of red light.
Diode – is a semiconductor laser that is electronically pumped. They have the largest wave length selection, emits 800nm near infrared wavelength cw and is absorbed by melanin. Laser diodes are continuously emitting diodes from infrared to red, green or blue. Pulsed laser diodes or PLDs have wavelengths of 905nm and 1550nm. 905nm are single emitters. 1550nm are eye safe. A diode is a semi conductive metal which allows energy to travel in one direction.
Na : Yag – a crystal, and the most common form of laser. They typically emit a light wave length of 1064nm in the infrared. They can operate in continuous or pulsed mode. These lasers can be used to treat numerous medical conditions such as ophthalmology,

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