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Iphone vs. Android

By Ramseytt1 Dec 24, 2012 723 Words
Trevion Ramsey
Compare & Contrast: iPhone Vs. Android
IPhone and Android are the latest and most powerful Operating Systems on the market. They are used in our everyday lives, and to be honest who can live without them. Every day over a 10,000 new electronics are purchased. IPhone and Android being the top 2, Apple and Samsung have went head to head in competing for the best product. Apple seems to keep their consumer coming back for more time after time. Making apple the top most purchased product in the U.S. Meanwhile Android is not far behind. They are both great OS’ and both have earned the respect of the world. So now let’s look at the specks of the two devices. While the iPhone has been stuck at the3.5” screen for the past for generations; Apple finally decided on its latest product add-on to make the screen bigger. The stunning iPhone 5 came to be the biggest screen that apple has decided to upgrade the features of the screen. This was the biggest change to the iPhone as most consumers would say. It featured a retina display for nice chromatic picture and video display. With liquid crystal display that apple claims that a natural human eye wouldn’t be able to notice pixilation. Apple also had enforced that this was the sleekest, thinnest, iPhone to date. Weighing in at 3.95 ounces, light and durable! Next on the list iOS, While Android seems to have iOS beat in the market with their amazing Play Store. Apple seems to be catching up in some areas to make the completion list. IOS features many new advanced features including; Integration of iCloud, iMaps, Facebook and Twitter. One thing that apple has tried to accomplish in there fantastic OS is that they design all of their apps and software to be compatible, so that nothing ever is unstable in terms of use for their consumers. IOS provides great iOS features for their consumers. Apple improving iOS over the years made iOS one of the best. With its amazing integration for the hardware you can never go wrong with using iOS. Another conclusion of the apple product is that it features a longer lasting battery life, for consistent use. Also with their Mercury- Free LED backlit display, there Arsenic-free display glass, and there power efficiency power adapter(s). Apple has provided a great product for iOS users, both in their hardware and software. For conclusion if you want a power efficient and small but nice screen Apple iOS is for you! No doubt they make a great product for the world to use.

Android has been in use for the past four years. With its great features and awesome products to go with it, it is not a question that Android is one of the best OS’s (Operating Systems.) With over 700,000 apps and 5,000,000 devices it is no doubt that Android seems to be the best. Compared to iOS more consumers prefer to like the OS better because of all the features that it has to offer and with that, comes a substantial peace of mind with the easy use. Packed into captivating devices Android attracts a lot of attention. Unlike iOS store, you don’t have to worry about paying for everything. With partnered developers you can find an app for anything you need when it comes to the Android OS. And mostly you don’t have to pay for every app that you search for. It is also very user friendly. Providing great options, for customization and reliability; Again, Android is the best of the best! So as we’ve concluded iOS and Android are both very great OS’s attracting their respectable fans. They both provided competitive interfaces and great user recognition. They offer many intellect functions for the hardware of their devices. They have brilliant competing specifications that allow you to do almost anything on your handheld. After all they both go head to head in the competition. It is really hard to choose between the two because they bother provide the same great functions. They are both great at what they offer, my option is that they stand toe-to-toe. They are both simply great and the products make them even more astounding.

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