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Technology has always been a very interesting area of focus to me. When I was growing up I remember not having a strong liking for the typical cars, action figures or yoyos that other boys my age typically would. I always liked the battery powered toys that did more and that I could do more with than just use my imagination. This could be anything from a remote control car to an Etch-a-Sketch-Animator to some type of handheld computer game. As time went on and technology continued to advance so did my interest for these type of devices. From the age of eighteen till now, roughly twenty years, I have had an extreme interest for cellphones and mobile computing. During this timeframe, I have had over thirty different model of cellphones, six different types of portable computing devices (tablets, IPad, Kindle, and IPod) and ten different laptops. When posed to think of a company that I wanted to do my marketing project plan on one company easily came to mind, and it was Apple. This would be an interesting company for me to do research on because I think their mobile computing line and mobile communication division are very interesting. The specific product line that I would like to focus on is the IPhone. It would be interesting to research and discuss how this phone is marketed and branded and how it competes with its competitors. I work in Information Technology as a profession. People come to me for advice, recommendations and to repair and troubleshoot devices that Apple and its competitors offer. Learning more about Apple and how they market and promote their products will help me to understand them more as a company. It will also help me to get a better idea of the industry as a whole so that I can help my friends and family make more informed decisions regarding some of the products that I have discussed above. IPhone and its Competitors

The mobile phone industry is a very competitive one. The market is fierce highly controlled by a few players. When it comes to mobile phones such as smartphones, the market is segmented by the operating system that the device uses. The key players in this industry is Google with the Android operating system, Apple with the Apple IOS, Microsoft with the Windows 8 operating system, and Blackberry with the Blackberry operating system. Apple has the biggest portion of the market share in the US when you rate it by vendor. Out of the 33 million phones shipped in the first quarter of 2014, 33.9% of them were Apple IPhones. Samsung came in a close second at 33.1% (McEnaney, 2014 para. 3 and 4). When you look at the overall market share by operating system, Android leads the way. This has to do with the pricing, availability, features and options. Android is the Google branded operating system. Google doesn’t make a phone to run their operating system. Instead, it licenses its operating system to phone manufacturers to customize and incorporate it with their product lines. This allows for a lot of product variations and the availability of a lot of different devices which can easily match the various requirements of different customers. On the other hand, Apple not only builds the operating system but they build the devices that use them as well. There are currently three phones that Apple brands and market on their site.CITATION IPh \l 1033 (IPhone Compare, 2014) Among these three devices, there are only a few differences in the devices. In some cases, the only variations are the device color and storage size of the unit. Blackberry and Microsoft are very similar to Apple with their mobile phone offering. They are built and branded by their respective companies and don’t have many models or product variations. Intended Outcome from Research

Based on the research I will be performing, it will be interesting to find out why there is so much variance among the market shares across the different product lines. It should also shed light on what Apple can do to gain more...

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