IPhone 6

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Candace Clark
Howard Kersey
Week One
November 11, 2014

iPhone 6
I went into the Apple store and I observed a lot, the store is really big and bright and is set up to be interactive. When you walk in you feel like you have walked into the future it is not like any other electronic retail store, it is merchandised perfectly to fit the brand. The employees are all so helpful and know there job well; they are very knowledgeable about the Apple products. It was very busy when I went in, but I was greeted and told someone will be right with me, I saw how everyone was going to the iPhone 6 and they were very excited about it. This is why I choose this product because I have heard a lot of good things about it and wanted to see and know for myself what the buzz was about. Customer Reaction

I have personal heard a lot of things about the iPhone 6 and know people who love them and have them now. Many people couldn’t wait for the phone to come out; there were so many pre-orders for the phone and even a waiting list. On the other hand many people thought that the iPhone 6 was a lot like the android because of the bigger face of the phone.

Features of the iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 is larger yet even thinner than before, many may say its better in every way ("Apple", 2014). It has a smooth metal surface with a new Retina HD display, its more powerful and more power efficient. This phone puts hardware and software functions in perfect continuous unison, it’s like no other ("Apple", 2014). Not only does it have Retina HD display it has higher contrast dual domain pixels for more accurate color and wide view angles. The camera has a UV light liquid crystals so they lie exactly where they should. The crystal delivers a superior viewing experience with shaper text and deeper blacks ("Apple", 2014).

How was the Product Display
Everything in the Apple store is displayed on wooden tables; they make sure you have easy access to test all their products out. The actually iPhone 6 is displayed on its own stand for easy access to hold the phone and test it out. People in the store really loved playing with the phone and looking at the coolest and newest thing in the store. How the Product was merchandised

In the windows of the store there is a display of the iPhone 6; there are posters also on the other side of the store window that advertise the phone. The iPhone 6 is the really hot now and one of the best sellers for Apple so there are iPhone 6 advertisements everywhere in the store. There was also a TV in the back of the store that showed commercials of the iPhone 6 and images of the phone, to let you know that the phone is the staple of the store. I love how the store looks clean and is merchandised to be fresh and have a new technology feel to it. iPhone 6 and the Apple Brand

The iPhone 6 and all the other iPhones have been there staple product for a few years now, along with apple computers. When people think of Apple they think of the iPhones, it is very important to the brand. The iPhone 6 has sales that exceeded their expectation said CEO Tim Cook ("Apple", 2014). The iPhone 6 is the largest sales margin ever for any of the iPhones; the CEO also said they could have sold more if they had a greater supply. The iPhone 6 sold 10 million phones in the first two days; this is why the iPhone 6 is the biggest thing out right now. iPhone 6 and competitors

The biggest competitor that can go against the iPhone 6 is the Samsung Galaxy 5. The iPhone 6 Plus is much slimmer and larger than the Samsung phone, and is Apples best phone yet. On the other hand the Galaxy is Samsung’s best phone yet as well, it was the first phone to have the fingerprint sensor and Samsung has cleaned up there TouchWiz user interface. Apple fully upgraded their design and there screen resolution to make the best ever. When it comes to the cameras both have pretty good picture quality, but the...

References: Apple. (2014). Retrieved from http://store.apple.com/us
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