Iphone 5 vs samsung galaxy s4

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IPhone 5 V.S. Samsung Galaxy S3
In today’s world of technology there is a great battle between many tech geeks out there about which smartphone is superior in today’s market. Although the IPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are both some of the most high quality tech phones you can get on today’s market, they are very different in their performance, appearance, and the features. Some of characteristics that separate the two phones are the size of the phones, camera, screen resolution, processors, and many more. The IPhone 5 has more to offer than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Someone who is looking for an easy to use phone that can almost do anything should take a look at the IPhone 5. First of all the IPhone was released on September 21, 2012. This phone has a four inch display, its 123.8mm tall, it is 58.6mm wide, and it is 128 grams. The IPhone being, this size makes it super easy to use in one hand without any difficulties. The brand new IPhone runs on ios6. On the IPhone 5 the camera has been significantly improved, it has a new front facing camera that records in 720p HD, the back facing camera records in 1080p HD, the back of the camera also has a new crystal cover for even better picture quality. Also in the IPhone camera, there is a new stabilization feature so your pictures will be in better quality, and you are also able to use a new panorama mode to take pictures. The quality of the display is something that many consumers care about, this phone, has a four inch LCD display, the phone also has 326 pixels per inch on the phone screen, and a resolution of 1136x640 resolution. Some new features under the hood of the IPhone are that it is has a brand new A6 processor which makes the phone even faster than before, It has an even bigger battery which makes it last eight hours on one night of charge, and it has a new improved voice recognition program called Siri, which is able to perform many tasks just by you talking to the phone. A few new features on the...
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