Ipad 2 Marketing Mix Research and Analysis

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Rosanna Iris Perez
iPad Marketing Mix Research and Analysis
April 19, 2011
In today’s culture and society, wireless dominates, but times were not always like this. Everything from registering for school to buying airfare or even shoes can be done wirelessly from various devices with data capabilities. The day Guglielmo Marconi developed the first wireless telegraph system in 1896 created a shift to move us faster and farther in technology world. Wireless (or radio) is basally communication without wires or cables. (Dubendorf 1-2) Now, when Apple Incorporated (or Apple Inc.) released the first iPad in April 2010 it gave the wireless culture another shift in direction and for the better. This device takes the technology we knew and understood to a level in which few have been to. Apple Inc.’s iPad can be described as an oversized iPhone or iTouch ,with more features internally and externally. This product takes advantage of the development of technology and wireless/radio over the years, and uses its advantage not just for the financial benefit to company but just to provide “The compete leisure experience” and with many benefits for the consumer or user. The importance of having and following a company’s marketing mix leads them to a more profitable and successful business. Apples iPad market mix is allowing them to run in a positive direction. Selling just a little over 3 million on its release date indicated that it is using its product, prices, placement, promotion effectively. Because the Apple has released previous products(iPod nano,Ipod classic ect.), not so “super-extraordinary” as products like the iPad and iPad 2, (in my opinion)its will not be hard for the company to promote or even struggle much with selecting price and product placement. They should have a general idea from selling so many of those other Apple “extraordinary” products, like the Macbook, of what consumers will be willing to pay and where they will be willing to buy from. This gives the new product (iPad and iPad 2) the upper hand in being the best of its line. “This [and other factors] are the reason Apple can anounce it Sold Two Million iPads in Less Than 60 Days.” (Apple Inc) Product

The iPad and iPad 2, new products of Apple Inc product line, are touch screen/multi-touch tablet computers, with a 9.7 inch high resolution display. Some of its primary functions are audio and visual media. Other functions include the ability to surf the internet, listening and/or purchasing music, watching videos, viewing photos, reading ebooks and using various applications, . The iPad’s operation system is the same as the one created for the iTouch and iPhone called iOS4, but many applications can only be operated by the iPad alone and not either iTouch or iPhone. This networking system is the reason no other device has come close to this product’s highly responsiveness, security and stability. iPads have different versions with different capabilities like 3g and wireless capability and Wi-Fi. The advance 802.11n wireless technology allows it to automatically find Wi-Fi networks. This means that if an iPad is near an area with Wi-fi it will automatically connect itself to the network allowing you to use the internet. The iPad also features different memory storages, named gigabytes(gb), ranging from 16 gb to 64 gb. This product shows technology at its best. It making it feel like this much technology so natural.

Its more popular features are the dual cameras, long battery life and its famous “Applications”. Applications are programs that are installed onto your device that do various things like, organize calendars or create checklists, even a music player within the device is considered and application. Apple really brought to life the “application world” with its devices, the iTouch and iPhone, but iPads super exceed its predecessor’s capabilities when it comes to using applications. The dual camera feature allows...

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