Ip Proposal

Topics: Fruit, Annual plant, Chlorophyll Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: January 22, 2013
I. Problem
How do dry Papaya leaves affect the growth of Tomato plants? II. Title
Utilizing dried Papaya leaves as mulch for Tomato plants
III. Rationale
Dried papaya leaves make an ideal organic mulch, providing warmth and nutrition to the tomato plant, while also helping to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds and proliferation of diseases, as well as protecting them from soil borne pests. The best mulches, such as mulch created with dried papaya leaves, are used to add height and width to tomato plants. The nutrients and chemical composition of dried papaya leaves makes these leaves very effective fertilizers for tomato plants.

IV. Materials
* Papaya leaves
* Microwave oven
* Soil for the Tomato plant
* Sunlight

V. Procedure
* Prepare all the materials needed.
* Dry all the Papaya leaves.
* Alternatively zap them in the microwave on a low heat until dry. (Actually we have 2 other ways in drying the Papaya leaves, but we chose this one because I think it is the easiest and it won’t take too much time for us to do the project.) * Once dry apply, the mulch at roughly around two to three inches thick on the soil bed and around the base of the tomato plants. * Put the plant in a direct sunlight for about 2 to 3 or 4 weeks. VI. Implication

If this project will be successful, it will help us and those people who have and farmers in saving money in buying expensive fertilizers for plants. We can use this Dried Papaya leaves as Mulch not only for Tomato plants, but also to most plants, because it brings the soil’s pH level to a more neutral range, which makes it as the preference of most plants. We also helped in the environment because we recycled things in a useful way.

VII. Time Table
Tasks| Target Date| Teacher’s Deadline|
Submission of Problem and Title| | |
Writing the IP proposal| | |
Submission of IP proposal| | |
Investigation period| |...
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