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ip networking final review

By robertzarate93 Mar 09, 2015 1037 Words
Cut through frame processing by a switch allows the switch to discard frames that fail the fcs check. –false

When a switch Receives an Ethernet frame to a destination Mac address which is not in the devices Mac address tableThe switch applies the following logic – Floods that Ethernet frame out All interfaces except the received interface

Which of the following correctly describe silk collation Domain design Trade offs – Single coalition domain requires all devices on a segment to share available Bandwidth

When setting a local Cisco switch port to any initiate The negotiation of a trunk line with the remote switch to administrative mode is for Referred To as –Dynamic desirable

Wind component of IPV6 Neighborhood discovery replaces The capabilities Of ARP – Neighborhood SOLICITATION

What type of view UTP Cabling Is required to connect to host back-to-back –Cross over

Which type of IC MP message will be returned by host by a remote Router if that router does not have A route to a network –Destination unreachable – Code network unreachable

Which Cisco IOS Show Command Aids in the troubleshooting of routing protocols Displaying Information on which protocols is enabled and as well as passive interfaces- Show IP protocolS

IPV6 Broadcast address are used in a similar manner to IPV4 Broadcast address – FalSE

Inverse ARP In frame relay provides –Mapping of the layered III address And And the layer two Addresses

Which One of the following is anEncapsulation Type of frame relay LMI – ANSI

Which one of the following summary route to correctly include the subnets 99.10.0 99.1.0. AND MASK But does not include more prefixes than necessary –

Which one of the following 0SPF Neighborhood state is the expected state after completion of theExchange of topologyInformation – FULL

When a bridge/switch receives a Ethernet frame into eight interface what does it do with the source mac address – Records the Mac address and incoming port to create the Mac address/Interface cable entry

Which VTP Moat configures the switch to receive and FOWARD VTP messages But does not use the PTP messages to updateThe local VLAN database – Transparent

Which type of I CMP message will be returned to a HOST THAT is attempting to connect To a TCP port not utilized on a remote server –Destination unreachable –Code port unreachable

Configuring routes summarization is the same configuration steps for all Routing protocols – False

Which type of OSPF Area router connected tWo areas –Area border router ABR

Which of the following is the Mac Broadcast address for Ethernet – FFFF.FFFF.FFFF

Which item needs to match before 2 0SPF routers can form a neighborhood relationship – Interface MTU

Which IP header field is reduced by one on the router before attempting to forward IP packet – TTL

When troubleshooting router IP connectivity one of the following things to verify is – The Ability Of the router to perform DNS QUERIES from a DNS source as this is critical to the router’s ability to FOWARD IP packets

----- Provides the capability to restrict the number of Mac address is allowed to communicate to a switch port at one time

What term describes a type of network that is non-broadcast network but allows more than two devices to be connected – NBMA

Which switch frame Processing model provides for verification of the FCS field – Store and FORWARD

Which algorithm is used by the OSPF for calculating the best route to a destination – TTL

Which of the following is an authentic type supported by PPP For endpoint Authentication – CHAP

Which of the following IPV6 Futures provides ability for a host to learn the IP addresses of the next hop router – Router advertisements

Which type of ICM P message will be returned to a host using that TRACERT utility – Time exceeded

When you apply the passive interface serial0/1 Command to the Cisco IOS OSPF configuration and the router will not sent OSPF hello packets out all interfaces – False

Which of the following is the correct term for simultaneous PV4 AND IPV6 Networking enabled on a host or router – Dual stack

Which of the following is used by OSPF as ITS METRIC – Cost

Route Summarization can be described as – Advertising a single prefixI P network that includes all more specific routes which reduces the number of routes in the neighboring Routers

Which of the following routing protocols does not provide VLSM – Rip version 1

Which type of frame RELAY Design uses sub interfaces – PartIALLY MESHED Network with one IP subnet PER PVC

Which of the following must match for two routesTo form an EIGRP neighborhood relationship – K Values

When adding a new IP subnet into an EXISTING Design that uses VLSM Care should not be given to the process of validating that OVERLAPPING being subnets do not exist – False

Which IP header field is used to prevent an IP packet from existing on network into indefinitely – TTL

Which of the following terms best describes how A VLAN Relates to an IP subnet – Broadcast domain

Which Cisco switch layer listed below correctly identifies the role of a switch that APPREGATES tWo lower layers of SWITCHES is an is found in large campus environments – CoRE

Which of the following is an open standard VLAN Trunking pROTOCOL – 802.1Q

Which of the following correctly describe AN ICMP Redirect –An IPC message type used by the routers to provideA mechanic is to inform and hold that a better Path Exist To the destination

When comfy green a switch port asked and untagged vlan The switch port mode type is referred to as ______ Mode. This mode is also typically used for PCs. – Access

PPP protocol supporting binding links into a single logical link in support of loading balancing traffic across parallel links is referred to as – A PPP MultiLink

Which On off the following statements is true regarding a routing protocol that supports vlsm – The routing protocol must advise IP subnet number And subnet Mask information.

The acronym CIR stands for – Committed information rate

Which of the following summaries routeWhat do include subnet Through –

When troubleshooting host IP connectivity one of the first things to test is – The ability to successfully ping your default gateway

What type of routing protocol is OSPF – Link state

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