Ip Camera Fixing

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How to visit the IP camera through Internet

1.Wireless Router setting
1)set the Router IP address is “”

2)Enable wifi, wireless mode select “ G-only”, SSID is “ip camera”, wireless channel is “6-2.437GHz”.

3)set WIFI security, security mode is “WPA Personal”, wpa Algorithms is “AES”, Wpa Share key is “ 123456abcd”, Group key renewal is “3600”.

2. computer network setting
1)The defatult ip of the ip camera is,if your computer’s ip is not the sample like*, you can add an ip like to your computer, then you can visit the camera by your computer. 2)please click right button on the “My Network Places” button, select “properties”

3)click right button on the “Local Area Connection” button and select “properties”

4)select “Internet Protocl (TCP/IP)” and click “properties” button or double click “ Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)”.

5)click “Advancd” button ,

6)Click “Add” button to add a new ip like “” to the computer.

7)Add a new ip like “” to the computer

8) click “OK” button to exit the ip address setting . then you can try to run “ ping” to check whether the computer and the ip camera connection is ok after you connected the camera and computer to the same Lan .

3.login the camera and forward port in the router
1)login the camera through

2)like the ip camera ip address setting , DNS is same with the router 3)enable the wifi setting , the ip address is same subnet with the router , the gateway is the router’s local ip address.

4) the SSID is same with the router (ip camera),password also is same (123456abcd), type encryption “WPA”, auxiliary encryption is “AES” After setting this , we can visit the camera through wifi. Now we forward the port for cellphone , check the camera setting ,

Here is 18600, so we need forward this port in the router .

After setting this , we can visit the camera through cell phone soft on...
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