Ios V. Android

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iOS v. Android

Fruit and Robots: Two Operating Systems in the Mobile Market Damon N. Pietras
COM 155 University of Phoenix

Fruit and Robots: Two Operating Systems in the Mobile Market Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems (OS) are both used in similar devices, tablets and phones. However, the look and feel of both is very different. Smartphones and tablet computers have become increasingly popular; two operating systems have come to the forefront, iOS, and Android. Both contain similarities but the way in which they are used, and the devices they are used on are similar but once the OS’s are put on become vastly different. Many other operating systems have tried, and ultimately failed, to gather market share like both iOS and Android have. Most are not prevalent in the market at all any longer with the exception of RIM’s Blackberry OS, and to a lesser extent Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. However, no other operating systems are in the public eye more than iOS and Android, but which is right for you? Apple and Google have extremely different beginnings concerning how they entered the mobile market. Google purchased Android, Inc. in 2005, a company that not much was known about at that point. After a couple of years of owning Android speculation ran wild that Google was developing a mobile phone that would be known as the “Google Phone” (Block, 2007). It was not until 2008 that the initial Android handset hit the market with the HTC Dream, marketed as the T-Mobile G1 (Holson 2008). This handset had the initial version of Android (1.0) on it and was not overlaid with any other graphical user interface (GUI or simply UI). Apple’s OS was announced at the same time as the first iPhone in 2007 at Macworld, a trade show held annually in January that is dedicated to the Apple Macintosh platform. Six months later the first iPhone hit the streets to high praise and fanfare running the very first version of iOS. iOS was not the original name of the...

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