Iop Reflection

Topics: Presentation, Want, Presentation program Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Jacob Madrid

Ms. Eddy

IB English, 1

18 February 2012

IOP Reflection

When reflecting upon my IOP, I final some aspects I exceled in, but I also find some aspects that I somewhat faltered in. I feel that I exceled in my knowledge and understanding of the work and the language criterions. However, I feel that I did not do as well in Criterion B: Presentation. For Criterion A: Knowledge and Understanding of the Work, I would rate myself at an 8. I think I deserve this rating because during my presentation and the Q and A session, I related the pear tree scene to the characterization of Janie. This task requires a strong knowledge and understanding of the novel. I would have rated myself higher, but I forgot to include how my scene relates to the novel as a whole in my presentaion. For Criterion B: Presentation, I would rate myself at a 4 or 5. I gave myself such a low score because I did not have something to engage the audience (PowerPoint, poster). For Criterion C: Language, I would give myself at a 7 or 8, because I think my language was clear and appropriate. During my Presentaion, I use verbs such as exemplifies and demonstrates. In conclusion, I believe I did very well on my IOP.

Looking ahead to the Interactive Oral, I would like to prepare better, have a better presentaion and build my analysis vocabulary. To prepare better, I want to begin earlier than the week before the presentaion to practice. I would also, like to have a mock presentation for a trial run. For the Interactive Oral, I definitely know that I need a presentaion element to further my success. Finally, to improve my overall vocabulary I plan to annotate and read the book thoroughly. All of these things listed previously should help me have a better success on my Interactive Oral.
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