Iodex Case

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Ads appeals help convey the brand positioning to its target markets. Brand managers have a choice between two broad appeals-Hard & Soft. While they use both according to the market dynamics, thematic campaigns need soft appeals. Within Soft appeals most frequently used are Humor, Slice of Life and Testimonial. Fear, Agony, Subliminal, sex and abrasive are less utilized locally.

Looking at the most advertised category-Telecom-spending nearly Rs.7 b in 2009-10, we notice Ufone using humor right from the beginning. They have attained no.3 posItion after Telenor and Mobilink with a long battle.. Brand has created a strong identity through its consistent characters and popular persona in the last few years. With the highest SOS in its category-Rs.1.9 b in 2010-the brand has not changed its appeal and seemingly following the Law of Consistency brilliantly.

Mobilink and Telenor have stuck mostly with Slice of Life appeals. Wand has lately been re-activated changing its agency to O&M with greater focus on re-branding, Glow.lising youth as its core target, the brand is adhering to Metaphoric marketing with inspirational appeal to its segmentiong is sticking to Slice of Life emotional appeals in most of its thematic campaigns targeting the lower pre-paid segment. Its latest Mini bus Karachi campaign has created significant visibility with matching BTL activities.

The personal care market is dominated by Testimonial appeal and is the most frequently used phenomenon in this sector. Mega brands-Lux,Veet,Paritene & H&S-aII showing glamorous Indian Icons with great fanfare Katrina, Kareena and Shilpa zooming with their magic helping the brands attain market leadership.Sunsilk while trying to imbibe the brand with an international look, is using some foreign experts but with little sparkle Lately,Clear has also joined the race with ShahidKapoor.

Locally Iman Ali is being very successfully exploited for Jofa lawns and eclipsed Vanieeza Ahmed V9 and Kareena in...
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