Invitro: Pregnancy and B. Supporting

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Thesis Statement and Outline

What is your thesis statement? While Invitro Fertilization can be an emotional rollercoaster, adoption can be also, people question which is best for them. Introduction

I.First main point - Is this an option for you?
A.Supporting details- Are you okay with your child not really being your child? 1.Subdetails- When they get older and find out they’re going to ask about their parents, are you prepared? 2.Subdetails- You already know a little about your child B.Supporting details- Invitro you know your child is yours 1.Subdetails-Complications can still happen. Miscarriages, Unhealthy baby 2.Subdetails-You go through childbirth

II.Second main point- With both the process will be long and emotional. A.Supporting details- With the adoption world things are so vase. 1.Subdetails-It’ll be hard to find a healthy newborn 2.Subdetails- It’s a lot of older kids that need homes B.Supporting details-With invitro there’s still a chance you won’t conceive 1.Subdetails-Miscarriages

2.Subdetails-Unsuccessful treatments
III.Third main point- Both process can drain your pockets
A.Supporting details-Adoption is costly also
1.Subdetails- it costs to have an agent to find the child of your dreams 2.Subdetails- it costs more for an international baby B.Supporting details- With each invitro treatment it’s 7,000 to 13,000 dollars 1.Subdetails-If the first treatment doesn’t work you have to endure plenty more 2.Subdetails- You have to spend gas and possible could loose your job because treatment is an everyday thing IV.Fourth main point (if needed)

A.Supporting details
B.Supporting details

Conclusion- Either way which ever option a person chooses they come out with one of God’s gift.
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