Invisible Man Analysis

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Brian Duenas

Invisible Man Essay

In the book of Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison the Narrator starts the second chapter by giving a description of how the undertaking to his hole began, starting at the college. The Narrators perception of the college shows him as an individual who is contained in an isolated region from the rest of the public community and has an unethical view of the rest of society that is not a part of the college. Through the use of diction, symbolism and details the Narrator reveals his attitude toward the college.

The Narrator is very auspicious at the beginning declaring his admiration for the college campus, but moderately demonstrates that he was blind during that time. In the passage the Narrator lifts the College on a pedestal calling it, “A beautiful college… gracefully winding… [And how it] dazzled the eyes” (pg.34, IM). The Narrator is blind the whole time and he is describing it as if he regrets that he should have never left the campus. He calls the whole experience at the campus no more than, “A pleasant, time killing dream” (pg.36, IM) in which he uses the word “pleasant” to express that it might have been better off to not wake up from that “dream.” The Narrator describes an everyday routine as having, “Eyes blind like those of robots” (pg.36, IM). His word used here exposes that he did not do his own thinking but did what was expected as a bee does for its queen. He mentions many references to a life at the college as being bee like, establishing at the beginning that there was, “Bee-humming air” and throughout the passage much of the color yellow saying, “Yellow faces” and “The school a flower-studded wasteland”(pg.37, IM). As a bee he follows a set of instructions and considers the college as a place for refuge at the time as a bee to its hive and calling the outside world of his “island”(pg.36, IM) an “insane asylum”(pg.35, IM).His attitude towards the college has been regret since he was blind and “robotically”...
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