Invisible Cloak

Topics: Invisibility, Optics, Refraction Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: March 31, 2009
Eng 1102 CC
16 February 2009
Invisible Cloak
Many discoveries in the scientific world cause much controversy due to their positive qualities, yet negative outcomes. Any inventor can sell their product to the public, nevertheless, should some inventions be banned if they can fall into the wrong hands and cause disruption to nature’s carefully balanced environment? In our lives the technological advancement has caused a great amount of ethical issues regarding the natural world. Throughout this essay the public distribution of the invisible cloak will be discussed. A world of disruption and wrong doing is what we could be living in if the public comes in contact with an invisible cloak. Imagine the things that someone could do having such scandalous power. Murder, rape, theft, and vandalism crimes would sky-rocket all over our Nation. Personal privacy would no longer exist. Anyone who owned an invisible cloak could take advantage of any right we have as individuals. Although invisibility still leaves tracks, that type of technology is too high-risk and advanced to be released to the public. With that being said, I can also say the military use of the invisible cloak could be very effective. Invisible soldiers and tanks could bring much success and help the United States. Having invisible combat forces would produce a team that can not be defeated, simply because you can not defeat what can not be seen. The National Science Foundation as well as Clark School Corporate partner BAE systems funded the studies behind the new and dynamic technologies that offer broad and never before seen technology. Is it right to spend money on tools that could lead to an over-all endangerment of US citizens? Shouldn’t scientist be more concerned with creating ways to cure cancer and diseases rather than corrupt our society and give us un-necessary powers? Shouldn’t more money be spent on ways to capture those who wish to be invisible and hide from the bad things they do,...
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