Invisalign Case Study

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Question # 1: Diagram Invisalign’s channel structure?
Invisalign’s ordering Channel: Software Development
Invisalign (Santa Clara)
Invisalign (Santa Clara)
Manufacturing (Mexico)
Invisalign (Santa Clara)
Customers / Patients
Customers / Patients

Invisalign’s advertising Channel:

Call Centers
Sales Force

Question # 2: What channel functions and flows are performed by each channel member for the traditional braces market and for invisalign? Answer: The two channels used by the Invisalign are:
1. Invisalign Ordering Channel
2. Invisalign Advertising Channel

1. Invisalign’s ordering Channel:
Invisalign’s ordering channel comprises of five components these are: * Customer
* Orthodontist
* Invisalign
* Software Development (Pakistan)
* Manufacturing (Mexico)

The patient holds the beginning and end of the channel flow in the Invisalign process, looking for a service for malocclusion treatment from their orthodontist. Customers of Invisalign have the edge by having nearly invisible aligners, removable while eating, and hygiene of the aligners while eating and cleaning. Orthodontist:

Orthodontists are the main source for the customer whether to suggest invisalign to them or not. If suitable, the orthodontist will go for photographs, X-rays, impressions of dental arches, a wax bite and an Invisalign prescription for the patient. This information is then sent to the next channel member in Santa Clara for processing. 3-D simulations were developed in Pakistan. The orthodontist will make adjustments and corrections to the proposal after getting from Pakistan. A program called “ClinCheck” is used to view the 3-D simulation, of the proposed treatment plan. Any changes made are sent back to Pakistan for correction. The orthodontist also works with the customer to maximize insurance coverage along with a payment plan to cover the cost of the treatment. Major motive why Invisalign are preferred over traditional braces include reduced labor and chair time, minimal training and potential to increase patient base.

The Santa Clara headquarters serves as focal point between all channel members. Once Invisalign receives the patient’s information from the orthodontist, employees analyzes the data and constructs plaster and computer models of the current dentition. After completion, this model is forwarded to Pakistan for further analysis. Santa Clara is also responsible for approving the simulated treatment proposal created in Pakistan along with constructing a series of molds of the patient’s teeth for each of the 2 weeks before sending them to Mexico. Financially, Invisalign is responsible for providing monetary incentives to orthodontists that refer their business. This includes establishing pricing and discounts to provide the service to the end customer. Software Development (Pakistan):

The patient’s treatment plan is designed in Pakistan, which includes simulated tooth movements for each of the two weeks for the entire treatment process. Once approved by Invisalign and the orthodontist, these molds are then sent to the next channel in Mexico for production. Manufacturing (Mexico):

Aligners are created from the molds received. They are trimmed, cleaned, polished and inspected before they are shipped directly to the orthodontist, which then forwards to the end customer.

Traditional Braces
Traditional braces flow channel comprises of:
* Customer
* Dentist
* Orthodontist
Similar to Invisalign, the patient starts and ends the channel flow in the traditional braces process. The patient may either inquire or be referred by their dentist to seek malocclusion treatment. The cost of traditional braces tends to be cheaper than Invisalign. Dentist:

The patient visits their general dentist...
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