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Topics: Mosquito, Aedes, Insect Pages: 5 (1382 words) Published: January 11, 2013
“Feasibility study of Ultrasonic Waves as Larvicide to Mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti)” Researchers:
Abonita, Joshua Lloyd C.
Peralta, Mark Angelo M.
Taperla, Rollen P.

Background of the Study
In our present time, many incidents has been reported that mosquito bites because dengue that lead to death. Many people suffer from dengue. Many of them died because of that disease.
In this research proposal, we devise a solution to lessen and to control mosquito population by using ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic waves are sound waves that are proven beneficial to as humans, because of its much function. In this study we would like to eradicate mosquitoes. We have this study for the reason that we believe this study is the key to the growing problem about mosquitoes. With the increasing number of mosquito-borne diseases nowadays, the project is beneficial in a way that the gadget we will use is effective, not expensive to maintain could be assembled from locally available electronic parts. This device is not harmful to the environment as it does not introduce toxic substance to kill mosquitoes. That’s why it is really beneficial to use, because its environment friendly and safe to us humans. Statement of the Problem

1. To look for an alternative way to control mosquitoes population 2. To test effectively of sound waves to kill larva
3. To make a device that is effective, beneficial, and not harmful to the environment.

Significance of the Study

In this study, we will promote an alternative way to control mosquito population by using ultrasonic waves. This study will aware every individual that ultrasonic waves can be used to kill mosquitoes and it is safe to use. This would also help to save life by preventing the larva to become an adult mosquito which carries dengue that lead to death. “An ounce of prevention is better than pounds of cure”, because by preventing the larva to become an adult is the safest, and the best way to prevent Dengue. It is better than curing it, because the patient may die if it is not cured. The first concern of this is to prevent or prevention. This section will provide brief description on the significance of this study and their beneficiaries: Everyone will benefit from this study, because it will help to save the lives of everyone. It can help to save the lives of people by preventing the growth of larva mosquito to become an adult, Therefore if the growth of mosquito is prevented the population of the mosquito will decreased, if the population of mosquito decreases the number of casualties will also decreased. Students will also benefit from this study by informing them that there are many alternative ways to control mosquito population and kill them. Future researcher will also benefit from this study by using it as a guide to open up a new development and discoveries to be made on controlling mosquito population and not only for mosquito but to other insects. They can use this as their reference to come up with the new and greater study.

Scope and Limitation

This study focuses on controlling mosquito population by killing their larvicide. Mosquito breeds greatly in rainy season thus, temperature and season affects the breeding of the mosquito. It also focuses on using the ultrasonic waves to cause to death of larva mosquitoes. The use of ultrasonic waves and its effect to the death of mosquito. The fact that the mosquito causes the death of many people, is the effect of our indifference to our living condition. By using the ultrasonic waves we may use it to kill and control mosquito population. It is limited in the aspect that acoustics is not yet used to kill organism. It encompasses the process how can or did acoustics will be used to kill larva mosquito. It is much unknown for our group on how we will use the ultrasonic waves to control mosquito population. It only focus and is limited on how to control mosquito population with the use of ultrasonic...

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* Padua, Alicia and Crisostomo, Ricardo. Practical and Explorational PHYSICS Modular Approach. Manila: Vibal Publishing House,Inc. 2010, 203-205.
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