Investment Summary

Topics: Microsoft, Apple Inc., Corporation Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: March 13, 2013
My Investment Summary
My investment summary didn’t go as well as I thought it would be. From reading my investment philosophy it is quite certain that I learned a lot from using the trial on Wall Street Survivors. As I stated in my power point, I was very uncertain on which companies to invest in and no research was done. From my basic knowledge I mostly invested in companies and corporations I was familiar with. My main focus just like any other investor was to make a large profit; it seems that I lost more money than I had gained. Companies and Corporations that I had invested include: Johnson Controls Inc, Good Year Tire & Rubber Company, Apple, Microsoft Corp, Wal-Mart, Exxon Mobil Corp, and Bank of America to name a select few. When selecting which company to invest in I didn’t have any background information so I never invested a large quantity. Only four of the companies I had invested in made a profit. Good Year Tire and Rubber Company I invested in a total of 5 stocks and only gained a total of 22.60$ cents over a period of tie. Where as I invested in a quantity of 300 in Johnson Controls Inc and made a profit of 467.00$. Bank of America didn’t do as well as I expected, even though no profit was lost. But these were the only 3 companies I invested in, where at the end the profit was a positive and not a negative. Companies and Corporations such as Apple, Johnson and Johnson, Wal-Mart stores profits went down at a high rate, which I was expecting those stocks to do well. Apple Company I invested a quantity of 8 and lost a profit of $846.40. Apple is a well known company and for me to lose money in that particular corporation was much unexpected. Even Wal-Mart who brings in the most money had a losing profit under my stocks. Maybe over a period of time things would’ve changed where the profit would be a gain. Microsoft Corporation was another stock I though I would gain a large amount of money in, when I ended up losing $596.33. Microsoft and...
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