Investment Preferences in Real Estate

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1. Executive summary

While most home buyers purchase a property to use as their primary residence, many also purchase a vacation home or a residential investment property. Because the purchase of each type of property is often influenced by different factors, it is important to understand how changes in the market environment affect each segment. The meltdown in the global and Indian real estate has brought in some level of apprehension amongst these seekers. The following survey also focuses on the prevailing market sentiments; property seekers are either mulling over or delaying their decisions to invest in real estate at present. In order to understand these existing trends and to gauge the most influential factors relating to property investments. The goal of the ‘Understanding the Consumer / Investor Preferences in Property Market’ survey report is to estimate the number of home sales that fall into each category and track how sales, the approach for purchasing a property, the different characteristics of property considered for finalizing the purchase and the various modes of financing considered to fund the purchase of property in each vary over time.

2. Research Problem:

To understand the existing trends in the property market today, to gauge the most influential factors relating to purchase of property in India, the various modes of financing seeked, the objective behind these acquisitions, to understand the effect of high prices of property on the buying decisions and so on. The following survey has been carried to understand the preferences of the buyers / investors. The entire property market has been categorized as follows: * Residential property

* Vacation homes
* Investment property

2.1 Problem statement: Understand the Investment Preferences of Investors / Consumers in Real Estate Market.

2.2 Unit of analysis: Investors / Consumers.

2.3 Characteristic of:Investment preferences of investors / consumers. interest

2.4 Time and space: 6 months

3. Objectives of Research:

* To understand the investment preferences in Real Estate/property.

* To understand the buyer characteristics of Real estate/property.

* To understand the various characteristics of property considered while making the purchase decision.

* To understand the Method of Purchase and Financing for the purchase of property.

* To understand the various reasons that motivated the buyers to purchase a property.

* To estimate the levels of Return on Investment expected by the buyers.

4. Research Design and Methodology:

Research Design is the basic framework which provides guidelines for the rest of research process. In this project we have used the survey method of data collection, to be more specific questionnaire method. We conducted a survey, of which the sample size is 50. Respondents in the sample size were asked to fill the questionnaires to gather the data.

5.1 Research Design: Exploratory

5.2 Sample size: The sample size taken into account for this research topic is of 50. There are different age groups of investors / consumers been targeted in this survey.
5.3 Sources of data:

Primary data: Primary data are those, which are collected for the first time, and original in character. A situation combination of questionnaire techniques, and discussion with the respondents was used to collect the required primary data. Primary data gives higher accuracy and facts, which is very helpful for any research and its finding. The aim of primary research was to understand buying preferences of the buyers as it is seen in the actual practice. Mr. Prathamesh Sahay the research team member at gave me an interview and helped me in trying to understand the topic and collect primary data looks after the needs of the buyers. A survey was done by me with the help of Mr. Prathamesh Sahay; data...

Bibliography: 9.1 Print media:
* India Brand Equity Foundation Report, 2011
* National Association of Realtor’s Property Buyers Report, 2011

9.2 Internet websites:-

* ( website and blog )
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