Investment of Wealth in the Light of Maqasid Al Sharia

Topics: Sharia, Investment, Economics Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Islam is a complete religon, it tends to protect and guide us in various aspects of life. Whether we are talking about faith, life, property (wealth), intellect ...etc We always find regulation and rules that show us the right way that satisfies Allah (S.W.T) to achieve success (falah). Islam as religion has three main parts aqida, shari'ah and ethiqs. We are going to talk about a part that goes under shariah wich is wealth (al-mal). Many asks why people try to get money if our purpose in Islam is to worship Allah (S.W.T) to pass in the hereafter ? To answer this question we have to know what do we mean by wealth in the perspective of Islam. Islam has a great vision of wealth in the life of individuals and society. It sees it as an imprtant tool to achieve in our religious, current and hereafter life. Hence, with money by drinks and food and also we give charity (sadaqa). Money is the main component of the human life cycle that enabales us ruling this world as the vicegerents to achieve al falah. Actually in islam perspective the true owner of wealth is God و انفقوا مما جعلكم مستخلفين فيه So we are intrusted to use this money to build this world and evolve it, subsequently we can say that we are not supposed to waste it. Therefor, we have to finde ways to inlarge it by investing it in what islam has aproved. Investing in islam is bounded by limits as long as it does not cross any prohibited rules in shariah. The moost unique feature in islamic investment is shariah compliance. Based on the principles of shariah compliance, these investment differ from other traditional types of asset classes investment. Shariah explains in deatail the islamic concept of money and capital, the relationship between risk and profitand the social responsibilities of financial institutions and individuals, pertaining to islamic investment. Keeping in view the percpects of islamic shariah, the islamic investment funds include a variety of modes investment namely equity funds, ijarah...
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