Investment Corporation of Bangladesh: Authorized for Private Placements of Securities

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Private Placements
ICB is authorized to act as an agent of the issuers and investors for private placements of securities. Under this arrangement, ICB places securities to individuals/institutions on behalf of the issuer for which it charges fees. ICB also acquires shares/securities for its own portfolio both in pre-IPO placement and equity investment.  Custodian and Banker to the Issues

To act as the custodian to the public issue of Open-end & Closed-end Mutual Funds. ICB provides professional services. It also acts as the Banker to the issues and provides similar services through the network of its branches. Fees in this regard are negotiable.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Companies willing to expand their business through mergers or acquisitions or to Dis-investment projects that no longer viable into present capacity of operation can contact the Corporation. ICB provides professional services & advices in respect of shaping up the cost and financial structures to ensure best possible operational results. Besides, in case of divestment, the corporation, through network and established business relationship, bring buyers and sellers together, help them to negotiate final agreement and advice on the emerging corporate structure.  

Corporate Financial Advice
Government enterprises and Companies intending to go public issue often seek professional & financial advice on corporate restructuring & reengineering. ICB through its expertise provide such services through its expertise.  

Lease Financing
ICB Provides lease finance mainly for procurement of industrial machinery, equipment and transport. ICB provides professional advice and financial assistance to the intending clients. The period of lease, rental, charges, and other terms and conditions are determined on the basis of type of assets and the extent of assistance required by the applicants. Since introduction of this scheme in 1999 good responses have been received from the intending lessees.

Investment Portfolio of ICB
Being the largest institutional investor ICB contributes significantly to the development of the country's cap ital market through active portfolio management which is one of the important functions of ICB. During 2003-04 a total investment of Tk. 138.93 crore has been made in the investment portfolio of ICB including Tk.O.2 crore in shares of a company through Pre-IPO placement, Tk. 7.0 crore in debentures of two companies, Tk. 0.3 crore in preference shares of a company and Tk. 5.0 crore in bonds of a company. Advance Against Unit Certificates Scheme

Advance Against ICB Unit Certificates Scheme was introduced in 1998, especially designed for the ICB unit- holders to meet their emergency fund requirements. One can borrow maximum Tk. 85 per unit by despositing his/her unit certificates under lien arrangement from any of the ICB offices where from such unit certificates were issued. The rate of interest on the loan is reasonable and competitive. Advance Against Mutual Fund certificates Scheme

Advance against ICB Mutual Fund certificates Scheme was introduced in 2003, designed for the ICB Mutual Fund Certificate-holders to meet their emergency fund requirement. One can borrow maximum of 50% value of last one year's weighted average market price of certificates at the time of borrowing by depositing his/her certificates under lien arrangement from any of the ICB offices. The rate of interest on the loan is reasonable and also competitive. Consumer Credit Scheme

As part of business diversification programme, ICB has introduced "Consumers Credit Scheme" in 2003-04 considering at the need of various household commodities of different employees of govt., semi-govt., autonomous bodies and some established private sector organizations. Under this scheme one can enjoy minimum Tk 1.0 lac but maximum 5 lac credit facilities. The rate of interest on the loan is reasonable and competitive which is fixed by the board of...
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