Investing in TUFS

Topics: Investment, Better, Underwriting Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Investing in TUFS
Jing Wang
Major Issues:
The TUFS system doesn’t work like what it should be. TUFS should work as a new underwriting procedure and an assessment report to help the company to increase the efficiency of the company. In addition, its e-business function can help company solve their online business problems easily. But the current issue is that the TUFS’s underwriting system is only use at the last moment as a double-check step in the old procedure, and the company is quitting the e-business which makes the e-Business part turn into no use. The TUFS is also expensive when the IT team first introduced the system, and it keeps eating up IT department’s budget every year because there are many errors appearing consistently which consume a lot of financial resources to fix. The financial department and IT department didn’t communicate well so that the system is not designed in the way which the company needed. The system should cover its costs in two years but nobody knows how to use the system since there are no training programs for the TUFS. The company didn’t have a good change management plan. Help desk and training program is not is the original plan and they keep eating the budget, which makes financial department very grilled. On the other hand, the financial department didn’t make any plan for the changes on the system configuration, which let the company suffered more lost.

The first thing to do is to introduce the system to all the IT members. Setting up the training program is necessary to make sure all staff in the IT department can use and fix the system efficiently. “Identify what the manager and employee skills are that will be required to operate and maintain the new system, what their existing skill capacities are, and what additional skill training needs to be done” (,2004). Also, “Anticipate the eventual need for procedural changes and analyses their implications on organization, structure and...
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