Investigatory Projects

Topics: Ilocos Sur, Sodium hydroxide, Fat Pages: 2 (305 words) Published: February 24, 2013


Background of the Study

Soap is an essential cleaning agent, helping people to keep themselves and their surroundings clean. When soap is mixed with water, it forms a lather that washes out dirt and grease for better than water alone.

Soap can be made on a small scale in the home or village cheaply and easily. The main ingredients are fats and lye both of which can be made from materials found through out the world. Making soap at home is practical when there is waste fat or oil and when there is no cheap source of soap.

Because of this, the researchers though of finding ways in utilizing guava in making home made soap that can substitute commercial soap. Instead of buying anti-bacterial commercial soap we can use home made guava soap.

The guava was chosen as a substitute ingredient for anti-bacterial commercial soap because it is cheaper not like the commercial anti-bacterial soap. Guava can just gather in the backyard and it is easy to make.


General Objective
To be able to utilize guava as a natural soap this is more environment-friendly, less harmful and is affordable by any customer.
Specific Objective
To determine if guava soap is effective as an anti-bacterial soap.
1. Guava leaves decoction is an effective ingredient for anti-bacterial soap as those commercialized ingredient. 2. Guava soap is harder than commercial soap when talking about durability. 3. Guava soap has the same texture as the commercial soap.


Through this study, the guava leaves can be utilized as an ingredient in making anti-bacterial soap.

This project was conducted during the month of February at Arnap Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. This study only focused on the effectiveness of guava soap in killing...
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