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investigatory project

By marjaymonzon Mar 15, 2014 1048 Words

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There are hundreds of topics that you could choose as your physics investigatory projects. Depending upon how dificult you want them to be they could be 1) Investigate the water boiling phenomenon

2) How does a cycle balance
3) What is gravity?
4) What are the fundamental universal constants and why do they have the values that they do?


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High-energy physics news
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Physics, formally called natural philosophy, is the science of energy and matter and the interactions between the two. Physics includes the study of material and energy as related to motions, heat, light, and force. Modern extensions of physics has expanded to include nuclear physics, particle physics, plasma physics, and cryogenics.

All projects
Additive Colors
To discover how white light is made.

Balloon Rocket Car
To demonstrate Newton's Third Law of Motion by constructing a balloon-powered rocket car.

Build an Electromagnet
To find out how electromagnetism works by constructing an electromagnet and be able to answer the question “How does electromagnetism work?”

Build an Inclinometer
To build a device that will trace the lines of the Earth's magnetic field.

Create Lightening
To create your own lightening using just a few simple tools – things that you are likely to find already in your home or at the grocery store. You will be able to see and possibly hear the lightening as it’s created!

Egg in a Bottle
To put an egg into a bottle and take it out intact using the properties of air pressure.

Floating Ball Experiment
To demonstrate the dynamics of air pressure

Floating Balloon
To demonstrate the principle of buoyancy of warm air.

Friction And Vibration
To determine if friction can cause a glass to vibrate. After this experiment you will be able to answer the question, “Why did the glass vibrate when you rubbed your index finger against the rim of the glass?”

Galileo's Experiment
To demonstrate Galileo's falling objects experiment that states "What goes up, must come down". After this experiment you'll be able answer the question "Do larger objects fall faster than lighter ones under the same conditions?"

Homemade Windmill
To construct a homemade windmill

Inertia of an Egg
To identify a hard-boiled egg from among a dozen, the remainder being uncooked eggs and thereby demonstrate the Inertia of an Egg

Jar Compass
To demonstrate the earth's magnetic force by creating our very own compass in a jar.

Levers And Force
To demonstrate how levers use force.

Lift an Ice Cube
To lift an ice cube from a glass of water using a string.

Long Lasting Bubbles
To explore how one can create bubbles that are long lasting or permanent.

Magnified Light
To demonstrate how sunlight can be intensified through a magnifying glass, concentrating energy to melt an ice cube.

Make a Fuse Model
To make a model of a fuse. After this experiment, you will realize the importance of the fuse and be able to answer the question, “How can a fuse help prevent fire caused by faulty electrical wiring?”

Make a Parallel Circuit
To construct a parallel circuit. After this experiment, you will be able to construct your own parallel circuit and answer the question, “Why are the electrical devices and appliances in the home commonly connected in parallel?”

Make An Elevator
To demonstrate how elevators work through a series of pulleys by constructing our own elevator system.

Make Electric Circuits
To construct a simple electric circuit and identify its parts. After this experiment, you will be able to name the parts of the simple electric circuit and answer the question, “When does electricity flow in the circuit?”

Make Objects Float
To demonstrate how water displacement causes objects (such as ships) to float rather than sink.

Make Static Electricity
To find out how static electricity is produced. After this experiment you will be able to differentiate static electricity from current electricity and answer the question, “What kind of electricity is produced when you rub two materials of different kinds?”

Matchbox Guitar
To demonstrate how string instruments work by building our very own miniature guitar from a matchbox.

Missing Reflection
To demonstrate how light rays interact with smooth surfaces to form reflections.

Musical Bottles
To demonstrate how different pitched sounds are made.

Paper Bridge
To construct a paper bridge that is strong enough to support several "vehicles" while demonstrating the force of tension.

Pascal’s Law
To demonstrate Pascal’s Law

Pythagorean Tuning
To demonstrate how the length of a piece of string can affect sound.

Rollercoasters & Loops
To demonstrate how much height a marble will need (when funneled through a foam channel designed to mimic a rollercoaster) to make a complete loop of a certain size.

Rubber Heat Reaction
To demonstrate how rubber material reacts when exposed to high levels of heat (rubber-band thermodynamics).

Secondary Colors
To discover how secondary colors are derived from primary colors

Separate Salt And Pepper
To demonstrate how static electricity can be used to separate pepper from a salt and pepper mix.

Snappy Sounds
To demonstrate how colliding particles from vibration bang into one another to produce sound.

Sound Waves
To demonstrate how sound waves can penetrate various types of materials.

Spectrum through Water
To create a spectrum using a beam of light passing through water

Static Electricity
To use static electricity to separate a mixture of salt and pepper

Super Strength Egg
To demonstrate the strength of an eggshell when weight and pressure is applied to it.

Vibrating Coin
To demonstrate the expansion of air when heated.

Water Displacement
To demonstrate how water levels are affected by objects of various mass. This phenomenon is commonly known as water displacement.

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