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Topics: Musical instrument, Guitar, String instrument Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Musical Instruments of Visayas
1. Kudyapi (guitar of flute) A kudyapi is a stringed instrument similar to a lute; it features two strings that are manipulated when the instrument is played. The kudyapi is made of wood, and most measure between four and six feet long. The instrument is native to the Philippines, where many residents learn to play the traditional instrument. Traditionally, a man with the plan of proposing to a woman would firstly have to impress her with his musical skills on the kudyapi. Of course, these practices are no longer widespread, but the kudyapi remains a part of the local culture in the Philippines.

2. Lantoy (clarinets) The nose flute, another type of end-blown flute, is found mostly in northern Philippines where the Kalinga call it tongali, the Bontok kaleleng, and the Ifugao ungiung. It is found sporadically in some areas of the south among the Hanunuo (lantuy), the Batak (lantoy), and the Bukidnon (bulaktob). The Cuyunin of Palawan have gigantic nose flutes with tubes much larger in diameter than those found in Luzon. 

3. Guimbal and Tugo (drums) A tugo is a musical percussion instrument native to the Philippines, where it is still played by many residents. It is large and shaped like a guitar, but made completely of wood. The lower part of the instrument is hollow, but unlike the guitar the tugo has no hole for the sound to come out of. The player of the tugo can adjust the strings on the instrument to produce different pitched sounds as they hit the tugo base with their hands or a beater. The tugo could be broadly classed as a percussion instrument (although it does feature strings).

4. Buktot (lutes) Buktot- a word in the filipino language generally meaning a humpbacked person. The instrument resonator, usually a coconut shell, resembles a hunchback! The buktot is a Visayan Guitar

5. Litguit (violins) A litguit instrument is a traditional Filipino instrument that is used to make percussion sounds that resemble those...
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