Investigatory Project

Topics: Tea, Acetic acid, Tea bag Pages: 4 (1095 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Tea is created by using the leaves of a plant known as Camellis sinensis. This plant is native to China, South Asia, and southeast Asia but is now found all over the world. Tea-drinking can be traced back to the 10th century BC in China before it was spread to Korea and Japan. But in 1903, the creation of the first tea bags were recorded. It was then in 1904that these were shipped around the world and they are in fact still used now. They are not only cheaper, but also they are easier to find and to use in making tea. The reason for their more affordable price compared to loose tea leaves is because most companies use fannings or the left-overs of larger tea leaves after they gathered to be sold. Basiclly, this drink is made by brewing tea leaves to create an extract. Due to the chloropylls and other pigments in the leaves, the extract commonly appears with a brown color.

Generally, this Investigatory aims to find out if tea bags can be used to create an ink. Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions: *Can vinegar strengthen the color of the product, ink?

*Can cornstarch contribute to achieving the right consistency of the ink? *Are the processes boiling and straining efficient in taking the extract out of the tea bags?

*Extracts taken from tea bags have the potential to be made into an ink. *If vinegar and cornstarch are added to the mixture, then the product would have a stronger color, and a thicker consistency than that with none.

This investigatory project will benefit us by producing an alternative for other inks. These other manufactured inks nowadays come quite expensive prices, but since the materials in our project are common and easy to find, you will be spending less money. Also, no harmful chemicals will be used in making our ink. Therefore, it is non-toxic compared to commercially sold inks which have the tendencies of causing harm to one’s health...
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