Investigatory Project

Topics: Rose, Lemon, Water Pages: 3 (626 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Title: Can a Red Rose Be Used for Jam as its Main Ingredient?


1. How did you arrive at this problem? Well, because during our TLE class, I actually can’t stop looking at my rose that im growing in the school’s garden. That’s when I got curious and started to think if these roses were edible.

2. Why do you like to investigate that kind of problem where in fact there are hundreds of other problems? First of all, when I was observing the roses, I was pretty hungry and second is because roses are a type of plant which is versatile and can be used for different things, so I thought, why not food, you know.

3. Problem – Is it Even possible to use Rose Petals for Jam?

4. Hypothesis – I Think It would actually be succesful judging from the fact that roses are edible.

5. Objectives of the Study – Is to know if roses can be useful even in the field of food.

6. Significance of The Study – The knowledge is very applicable in different survival scenarios, especially when food today is rising in value.

Review of Related Literature and Studies:

Well as you may know, most roses are edible. This is why we have picked it as an ingredient for the dish. It also gives a distinct and recognizable flavor that can be used to different dishes. Even though all red roses look the same, there are actually hundreds of different kinds of red roses.To look at it further, there are actually many more strategical ways to cook roses. I actually read and learned that rose petals are acutally a great source of calcium, vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and Iron.


* Rose petals (red, white and maybe pink as well)
* 2 cups sugar
* 4 and a ½ cups of water
* Juice of 2 lemon
* Plastic film
* Bowl
*These Ingredients may be either bought or borrowed, depends on supply (and human generosity).

* Wash them and cut off the white bottm of each petal. Wash well to avoid chemicals, check...
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