Investigatory Project

Topics: Capsicum, Scoville scale, Capsaicin Pages: 10 (2909 words) Published: February 20, 2013

Problems cannot be avoided. It is present in every individual. However, every problem has its own solution. Nowadays our government suffers so many problems both local and national. The level of economy goes down every year which affects each and every citizen. Foreign debts have gone high beyond the capacity of the government to pay. This is the reason why the government must take initiative to implement plan of action that solve some of its problem and to have some contribution that can help the people in the society.

Farmers are considered as our government’s helping hand in the production and sustenance of food in the country, but they face so many problems every year. Usually this problems result to low production and low output. One of the problems that hinder high quality of rice production is the large infestation of Golden Apple Snails (POMACEA CANALICULATA) in the farm lands through the Philippines.

Golden Apple Snail (POMACEA CANALICULATA) infestation, posses several problems in the rice farming system. This damage young rice seedlings causes poor crop stand, yield loses, additional expenses and lethal effects of systemic commercial molluscicides including the unaccounted environmental costs where bodies of water are the main recipients.

Nowadays Filipino farmers become aware of Golden Apple Snails (POMACEA CANALICULATA) as a rice pest. Golden Apple Snail (POMACEA CANALICULATA) infestation in the country bought about an increase of usage of molluscicides, therefore, an increase of importation.

People especially farmers wanted to drive away Golden Apple Snails (POMACEA CANALICULATA) in their farm lands in order that no more rice plants will be damage. Artificial fertilizers and especially pesticides contain high toxicity level and sources of pollutants. There are many ways to have a natural way of having fertilizers and pesticides to have a pollution free environment that can preserve wildlife and “Mother Earth”.

The Philippines is located in the Southeast Asia. It has a pleasant climate suited for agriculture, many agricultural plants grow in one country which helps the growth of our country since many kinds of plants are planted in our soil, and nutrients needed by these plants for their growth gradually lessen as time passes by.

One of these plants is the Alusiman (English: Purslane; Portulaca oleracea.) Portulaca, common name for a family of plants in the pink order, comprising a small, widespread group of more or less succulent herbs and sub shrubs, with concentrations of species along the Pacific Coast of North America and in Southern Africa, and for its representative genus. This is very common weed found throughout the Philippines in settled areas.

The Portulaca contains nicotinic acid or niacin that can cause flushing. Niacin is toxic to the liver at doses exceeding 3 grams per day for adults.
Another of this is the Chili Pepper (Capsicum Annum) the fruit is many-seeded berry. Chili Peppers contain a substance called Capsaicin, which gives peppers their characteristic pungence, producing mild to intense spice when eaten. Capsaicin is a potent inhibitor of substance P, a neuropeptide associated with inflammatory processes. The hotter the chilli pepper, the more capsaicin it contains.

This observations and information gathered motivated the researchers to pursue and conduct this investigation.
This study was conducted to determine the molluscicidal effect of Purslane and Chili in Golden Apple Snails. It seeks to answer the following questions: a) Does Purslane and Chili has significant effect on the Golden Apple Snails? b) Is there a significant difference in the use of Purslane and Chili in the Golden Apple Snails? C. Hypothesis

In this study, the following null...
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