Investigatory Project

Topics: Ginger, Essential oil, Soap Pages: 6 (1151 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The success of this investigatory project is directly related to the contributions of the ever supportive persons in my aura: To my friends who were there to cheer me up in time of doing this investigatory project, “Thank you so much!” To my parents who help me in providing significant material contributions, “Thank you and I love you so much!” To my adviser, Analiza R. Barcarse for her exquisite attention in guiding me, “Thank you, Ma’am!” To Ms. Estrella B. Acosta, the Science Department Head for her continued encouragement for me in making and developing this study. And above all, to Almighty God for giving me the faith and strength in making this investigatory project successful. Thank You Very Much!!!

-Jan Kevin Strauss G. Balantac


A. Background of the Study:

Nowadays, people have using different herbal soap that is expensive and less effective. And sometimes they feel itchy after using the product.

The researcher aims to make an effective and cheaper herbal soap. Like Ginger, it contains major antioxidant pigments, carotene and poly phenols giving them high dietary antioxidant value among plant foods.

Ginger has benefits in making herbal soap because it has that properties that can make the skin look good and protects the skin.

B. Objectives of the Study
This study is designed to produce a antimicrobial soap out of Ginger Rhizome.
Specifically, it aims:
1. To evaluate the antimicrobial property of Ginger Rhizome 2. To determine the effect of Ginger Rhizome Soap in washing wounds

C. Statement of the problem:
The researcher aims to answer the following questions:

1.) Does Ginger extract effective in making herbal soap?
2.) Does Ginger extract effective for washing wounds?

D. Hypothesis:
1.) Ginger is effective in making herbal soap.
2.) Ginger extract is effective for washing wounds.

E. Significance of the study:
The significance of the study is to have a beneficial usage of ginger. This study also aims to produce an affordable herbal soap by making use of the natural properties of ginger extract. This product is more on natural properties that can cure skin infections like skin allergies, rashes and skin itchiness and does not mix with chemicals that may damaged our skin.

F. Scope and Limitations:
This study needs furthermore improvement, research and also this study is only limited on the use of caustic soda because we all know that too much of caustic soda may cause skin itchiness.
The study was also guided by the following scope and limitations: 1. The study was conducted at Brgy. 1, Sarrat, Ilocos Norte from September 2011-January 2012
2. The extract was obtained from the fresh Ginger Rhizome which is common in our locality

G. Review of Related Literature
• Pungent principles, mainly zingerone and shogaol, provides the characteristic taste. • The most biologically active phenolic compounds, gingerols and shogaols, are found in the root. • Volatile oil, 1.23 to 3% - gingerol, zingerone, zingiberene, cineol, borneol, phellandrene, citral, zingiberene, linalool, geraniol, chavicol, vanillyl alcohol, camphene; resin. Properties

• Extracts and active constituents have shown potent antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antimutagenic, antimicrobial and possible anticancer activities. • Considered adaptogenic, anodyne, anthelmintic, antiallergenic, antibacterial, anticoagulant, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antifungal, antithrombotic, antitumore, antiulcer, aphrodisiac, carminative, diuretic, rubifacient, anti-platelet aggregation, hypolipidemic, thermoregulatory. • Pungency is attributed to the pungent principle, zingerone and shogaol, while the aroma is imparted by the volatile oil. • Considered stomachic, carminative, stimulant, diaphoretic, sialagogue, and digestive. Definition of Terms

* Or sometimes [6]-gingerol, is the active constituent of fresh ginger....
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