Investigatory Project

Topics: Fertilizer, Alternative energy, Waste Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: January 10, 2013

Group II
Kurt Ashley E. Edusada
John Kenneth D. Encarnacion
Honey Let S. Dagan
Ellen Mae P. Datu
Rona Marie R. Datugan
Joanne Kristelle A. Decano
Chenalee G. Delos Reyes
January __, 2013
III – Newton

The Problem and Its Background

Horse manures or feces are abundant and are found mostly in farms, especially in provinces, like Zambales. People knew them as ordinary wastes or excreta released by horses. However, they could be used in many ways. One way of using them was as fertilizers for growing plants. But, people could not make it as fertilizers all the time. So another possible way of reusing horse manures is as an alternative source of fuel, specifically as charcoal. Instead of buying expensive LPG’s (liquefied petroleum gas), horse manures could be another alternative as charcoals which is organic and do not require the cutting of wood that can decrease the consumption of trees, when making wood charcoals. With it, individuals could also help conserve nature which is highly needed for the present time around.

The horse manure charcoal is said to be cost-effective, if it is, it could be a good source of income. Having this study was important in a way that it could produce a new alternative charcoal that could be used in our daily lives besides making use of commercial charcoal.¬¬¬ Statement of the Problem

General Objective
This study aimed to test the effectiveness of horse manure as an alternative source of fuel.

Specific Objectives
It sought answers to the following questions:
Which of the two charcoals, the horse manure charcoal and the commercial charcoal, would cook the following kinds of food faster?
Which of the charcoals, each having the same amount, would be consumed faster when cooking?
50 grams of wood charcoal...
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