Investigative Report

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Investigative Report

August 31, 2012
Professor Ashley Hudson
Tamara L. Thomas
Public VS Private Grant Sources

In the investigative research reports there were two sources for grants and funding. The first source was the federal wire website and the other foundation center website. Both sites are very great sources for both public and private grant information data reservoirs. In this investigative it will show the overall benefits for individual and organizational purposes, i.e. research, community services, public, private sector, non-profit, banks, and government sectors. Both sites provide information on public and private grant opportunities.
Investigational Research I
The Federal Wire site provides data information on grants as a free resource for federal grants, government grants and loans. The site is committed to bringing the most current federal grants and loan information. Currently indexing 2,663 federal grants and loans organized by sponsoring agency, applicant type, subject area and a convenient directory that provide organizations that are helping individuals ( This site gives data on grants from low income housing, education, health care research, career training grants, and non-profit grants. The focus of these grants is for organizations that is helping individuals better or improve their lives and their communities. The grants that are obtained by organizations or individual that use this site gives more detailed step by step processing of grant writing proposals, funders, lenders, the grant codes and which grants are currently being offered and future grants that are being implemented for future use and who can and will qualify for these types of grants and funds. Google is also affiliated as a search engine for this site for related grant resources.
You can find the information data on grants for the organization directly on the website itself which is or a

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