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investigation a cultural group in psycholgy

By candie600 Apr 14, 2014 265 Words
Unit nine concept questions

Personality is an important concept in psychology. What is personality? Personality refers to an individual's enduring pattern of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Personality is a meaningful concept because it allows us to compare and explain differences in behavior. It also may be considered meaningful because it allow us to have a sense of uniqueness. We can say that there is no other person who is exactly like us. The concept of personality is the sum total of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values that are characteristic of an individual. Our personality traits determine how we adjust to our environment and how we react in specific situations. No two individuals have the same personalities. Each individual has his or her own way of interacting with other people and with his or her social environment. The term personality represents the overall profile or combination of characteristics that capture the unique nature of a person as that person reacts and interacts with others and how he views himself. Personality combines a set of physical and mental characteristics that reflect how a person looks, thinks, acts, and feels. An understanding of personality contributes to an understanding of organizational behavior in that we expect a predictable interplay between an individual’s personality and his or her tendency to behave in certain ways. In our society today personality play a major role in achieving success. Personality play a major role in psychology. The Future of psychologist have already made major advances through research in aviation safety and training, human–machine computer interfaces (e.g., Google), and traffic safety.

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