Investigation to Find Out Whether Light Distribution Affects the Abundance of Daisy's on the Downs School Playing Field, Compton.

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Investigation to find out whether light distribution affects the abundance of daisy's on The Downs School playing field, Compton. Hypothesis: As the light intensity goes up the abundance of daisy's on The Downs School field will also increase. Equipment:

10 meter tape measure
light intensity meter
Identification key
soil depth spike
PH Probe
quadrat 0.5 by 0.5
1.Line up the tape measure from the chosen tree on the ground. 2.Place the quadrat on the ground next to the tape measure at 0cm 3.Count the number of squares in the quadrat where part of a daisy is present 4.Take the light intensity after each count of daisy's has being taken. 5.Move the quadrat to 1 meter and measure from 1 to 1.5 meters, then from 2 to 2.5 meters etc. 6.After the 10 meter tape measure has finished you should have collected 10 sets of data. 7.Move the 10 meter tape measure to a Different area but using the same tree as a starting point. 8.Repeat step 2 to 6

9.Move the 10 meter tape measure to a different area but using the same tree as a starting point. 10.Repeat step 2 to 6.
11.You should have collected 30 sets of data overall.

A (i) Variables:
Independent variable- The light intensity and how it affects the amount of daisy's growing on the Downs School field. Dependant variable- The abundance of daisy's in the school field depending on the light intensity. A (ii)

Ethical considerations:
In order to carry this experiment out in a way which will take the environment and animals into consideration we will have to take a few precautions to stop the environment being damaged. Firstly we will not pick any of the plants while carrying out this experiment out. Another purpose of not picking any of the plants to so that small animals homes do not get destroyed. When taking results from the quadrat we will not sit on the floor as this could squash the daisy's and other wild life, like small animals. While taking the soil moisture measurement we will make sure the area we are stabbing the soil in does not have any visible wild life on so we are not destroying any wild life. Wearing appropriate shoes will minimize the risk of falling over meaning there will be as little damage as possible to the wildlife , plants and animals. B (i)

Transect 1Temperature 19 ͦC
Quadrat numberAbundance of daisy'sLight intensity (%)Soil depth 108112cm
Transect 2Temperature 20 ͦC
Quadrat numberAbundance of daisy'sLight intensity (%)Soil depth 108111cm

Transect 3Temperature 20 ͦC
Quadrat numberAbundance of daisy'sLight intensity (%)Soil depth 108011cm

I will make this experiment as reliable as possible by making my method repeatable, I am using 3 different sections around the same tree meaning that the amount of light accessing that part of the field will not be a problem as it will all be the same. To increase the reliability I will find the average from the 3 different readings at the same point on each one. The chances of anomalies will also be narrowed down by repeating my experiment on different parts round the tree. To make my results valid I will make sure my experiment is controlled. Control variables

VariableHow to control it
Time of dayThis will be controlled because the experiment we are doing will take place in 1 hour, this means the time of day will not have change too much, therefore there will be little or no affect on the plants. TemperatureWe are going to control this by taking the temperature every 20 minutes and recording it, this will show when analysing the results whether the temperature will have an effect on the overall results. MoistureThe moisture is going to be measured in a...
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