Investigation on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Steam Packaged Boiler Using Diesel-Cooking Oil Blended

Topics: Petroleum, Carbon dioxide, Diesel fuel Pages: 19 (2697 words) Published: December 14, 2013
Investigation on the Performance and Emission
Characteristics of Steam Packaged Boiler Using
Diesel-Cooking Oil Blended
S.Hassan, R.P.Rammesh and M.F.Mohd Nor
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Bandar Seri Iskandar, 31750 Tronoh, Perak, Malaysia
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Abstract - The performance and gas emission characteristics of steam packaged boiler using diesel-palm cooking oil blended as fuel has been investigated and evaluated. In this study, the dieselcooking oil blends at various volume ratio were used to fueled the steam packaged boiler. The characterizations of the blended

diesel-cooking oil were studied in terms of the viscosity, calorific value and density at various volume ratio from 10%/90% to
90%/10% of diesel-palm cooking oil blending ratio. Experiments were carried out at low and high burner setting to raised the steam to the normal operating pressure. Based on the results obtained, by using the diesel-palm cooking oil blends, a

comparable performance of boiler as compared to pure diesel
was observed. However, there is a great reduction in nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide as well as sulfur oxide emissions.
Therefore, the experimental results indicate that using an
alternative fuel in the boiler is another an effective way on reduction the gas emissions and at the same time maintained the performance of the boiler operation.
Keywords :






energy sources such as wind power or solar power, which
often require new equipment. [2-3]. However, despite the
technical feasibility, vegetable oil as fuel still cannot be fully accepted as the current price is higher than petroleum fuel. Vegetable oil in varying volume proportions in the fuel blend were tried by a number of investigators. It has been proven

that vegetable oil-diesel blend is a good substitute for diesel fuel in compression ignition engine [5].
The use diesel-vegetable oil blends in the engines are not
new. There are many researches being done on the usage of
the biodiesel blend in diesel engine [4-14]. The heating values is in the range between 39-45 MJ/kg for pure vegetable oil and diesel, depending on percentage of volume ratio [3]. However, the research on the usage of biodiesel is very rare in boilers. Therefore, this study is an attempt to investigate the

performance and emission characteristics of diesel fuel and
diesel-cooking oil blended in the educational steam packaged boiler.



Global concern on environmental issues and the fast
depletion of the petroleum reserves have imposed a great
strain on developed countries to find an alternative sources of fuels. Vegetable oil is well known as one of the alternative fuel for diesel substitution, particularly in the engine. Blending of diesel-vegetable oil or called biodiesel has become more

attractive among bio-fuels because of some benefits such as
reducing greenhouse gas emissions, safety of the supply,
availability of resources, increasing rural development and
biodegradability [1]. Biodiesel is renewable source and has
high heating value which makes more attractive as alternative fuel compare to wind energy or solar energy [2]. Biodiesel can be used to replace petroleum diesel fuel for engine or heating equipment such as boiler. Unlike petroleum diesel, biodiesel is a renewable resource. It creates less pollution than petroleum diesel. It can be used alone or in combination with petroleum diesel. As overall, no expensive modifications to the engines or other equipment are required. This makes it easier to

integrate biodiesel into current systems than other alternative

Vegetable oil used in this study was refined, bleached and
deodorized palm cooking oil, purchased from a local market.
The blends of diesel fuel-palm cooking oil were between
10%/90% to 90%/10% on volume ratio basis. The blends of...

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