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By ForensicLuver Jun 19, 2012 276 Words
During an undercover investigation, Officer Cline witnessed Defendant #1 purchase a bag of what appeared to be marijuana and LSD. When Officer Cline approached the dealer (Defendant #2), he was given a similar bag. Following the purchase, officers approached and arrested both defendants on narcotics violations. Forensic tests later revealed that the contents of the bag were nothing more than honey and dried leaf matter and rolling paper coated with lime extract. The defense attorneys for both defendants have argued that no crime was committed and the charges should be dropped. As the prosecutor, would you drop the charges? Be sure to address the charges for both actors here and please explain your answer

With the forensic test revealing the content of the bags were honey and dried leafs he still made the people think that they were getting drugs. During this undercover investigation as Officer Cline, I would charge the defendant 1 with the intent of buying narcotics. Because the suspect had the intent to purchase drugs from me not knowing that it isn’t drugs. Now, with the defendant 2 I as the officer would charge him with drug offense because he was trying to sale a bag of marijuana and LSD.

Even though when the lab test came back it was honey and dried leafs he still gave people the ideal he was selling drugs to get high with so he should be charge with a narcotics violations. Plus he was making money off this people giving the false hope thinking they are getting drugs. He should be charge to the max with a drug charge thats what wrong with the world now.

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