Investigating the Public Transportation Services in Jeddah: The Case of Buses

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Investigation into the public transportation services on Jeddah especially buses

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The objective of the study was to investigate the public transportation in Jeddah especially about buses and how they are important to use buses instead cars to solve the major problems in the road. My research was completed to help the public transportation companies to improve the situation of buses. My participants ware 40 engineering students who finished the foundation year in King Abdul-Aziz University and 10 female doctors from King Fahad army Hospital. I followed the survey method and prepared a questionnaire of 19 questions. The study shows how people are dissatisfied from the situation of buses. Based on research findings the public transportation in Saudi Arabia especially buses needs a lot to improve.

My objective in this research or study is investigate into the public transportation in Saudi Arabia and as you knew the word transportation mean a system or method for carrying passengers from place to another by taxis, buses, trains and planes. In Saudi Arabia the motor vehicle is the main means of transportation. The increasing in number of cars in the road made a lot of traffic and that what we face it every day.

Let's see some facts, the rate of accidents in the Saudi capital Riyadh and the number of deaths became clear that in 2000 from the month of May to December totaled 44 681 accidents that left 191 dead and 863 injured .The 2001 record 48,999 and 394 dead and 1961 injured, and in 2002 the percentage of those who died 480 In the first ten months of 2003 reached 37,607 accidents resulted in 1308 injured and 390 dead ( This is in my opinion the major reason to write research about it and if we activate the public transportation in the good way it will decrees the rate or the amount of this problem even it can stop it. The other thing that I will prove is the public transportation can be the solution of many social problems and the most prominent of these issues is the problem of woman driving cars. Because if you realize you will find that high percentage of women are worker and the transportation is one of the biggest concerns they have. The statistic shows that 400,000 Saudi female do not have transportation ( Also the public transportation has other positive impact in tourism as the chairman of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities prince sultan bin Salman said "Sustainable tourism linked to sustainable transport" (

In this research I will focus in transport by buses in Saudi Arabia and I will show how quality it’s has and do people use it? And how they benefit from public transportation? And what the change they want to occur on it?

After I getting approval to start working in my research, I started creating my survey with nineteen questions which include open and closed ended questions, “yes” or “no” questions, multiple choice questions. Every question is important to get to all view about problem of public transportation in Jeddah that face the people here and how we can solve it. I got all support for my survey from my instructor Dr.Faheem and my classmates.

The questionnaire was distributed to 50 participants, 39 to students fro king Abdualaziz University and classmates, 11 to a female doctors from king Fahad army hospital chosen randomly. The participants were friendly and cooperative. I started distributed my questionnaire to my classmates and students in KAU then I gave my brother who working in king Fahad army hospital to gave my questionnaire to his female partners.

After taken the questionnaire from participants, I started to analyzed the data using the computer EXCEL program and the function (countif=1st cell: last cell; “choice”), to count the frequency of each item...
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