Investigating the Marketability by Interviewing

Topics: Sales, Culinary art, Chef Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: July 2, 2011
Investigating the marketability by interviewing restaurant owners. Increasing efficiency and reducing costs have been recurring themes during the past year. To respond to the rapid changes in the world around us we have strengthened the corporate marketing skills to satisfy our consumers and the commercial organization to be able to streamline the overall planning to gain satisfaction from our customers. As part of this development in trying to build a marketing strategy, we initiated a hard-copy of questionnaire and also interviewed fifteen restaurants before providing marketing materials and then interviewed again after they had received the marketing materials which were 22 sample desserts that can be served in restaurants. This investigation has helped in telling us what the general public think and feel of the quality of these pastries. Our strategic focus was to see the increase in demand and to see their reaction or interests in outsourcing their deserts. Developing custom desserts and marketing materials to entice restaurants to use service. As in most other industries the changing consumer habits have a strong impact on the pastry business also. Our deserts are more than just deserts. We use special quality ingredients when it comes to our deserts and bread that gives it that special taste and quality that differentiates us from other pastries and we are able to solve even the most creative idea of any customer. We included 22 sample deserts that can be served in restaurants to entice the restaurants to use our service. We are proud of our track record and good reputation that we solve challenges where others have given up before us. Our Master Chef has a Culinary Arts degree with 10 years of experience and the assistant chefs have several years of experience or are currently working towards a culinary arts degree. We are also concerned for our customers and that is why we promised affordable prices. With the variation in prices depending on the...
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