Investigating the Biomolecules found in Gelatin

Topics: Metabolism, Glucose, Biochemistry Pages: 4 (1097 words) Published: March 3, 2015
Investigating the Biomolecules found in Gelatin
Abstract: For this inquiry lab, the research team tested the gelatin solution for the presence of biomolecules. The team searched for the presence of starch, glucose, lipids, and proteins through the use of indicators: Sudan III, Lugol’s iodine, Benedict’s solution, and Biuret’s reagent. After testing the gelatin solution in the presence of the indicators, the results showed that Lugol’s reacted, turning orange-pink (oils) and the Biuret reagent (protein) reacted with the gelatin solution, turning lilac. Thus it was determined that the gelatin solution held both proteins as well as oils.

Introduction: Lipids, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and proteins are essential parts of daily life. First, lipids are organic compounds made up of glycerol that serve as long-term energy storages. These lipids are insoluble in water and are extremely effective storages because they are not easily metabolized. Additionally, carbohydrates are a type of biomolecule made up of monosaccharaides (simple sugars). These sugars are used to produce energy in reactions as well as serve as structural materials. Proteins also serve as structural materials, and are made up of amino acids, which are important for every day functions. Additionally, proteins serve the purpose of transporting, catalyzing reactions, and signaling cells. Lastly, nucleic acids are important for the genetic inheritance of an individual. Nucleic acids are made up of nucleotides, and when these nucleotides come together in mass amounts they form either DNA or RNA. With that information in mind, the purpose of this lab is to design and conduct an experiment that can determine the biomolecules found in a gelatin solution. If Sudan III and Biuret’s reagent react with the gelatin solution, then it is an indicator of the presence of lipids and proteins.

4 pipets
Well plate
Gelatin solution
Lugol’s iodine
Benedict’s solution
Biuret reagent
Sudan III...

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