Investigating how businesses are organised and the influences of stakeholders

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Information Pack for Entrepreneurs
Investigating how Businesses are organised and the influences of Stakeholders 38036520510500
Produced by: Brodie-Dee Johnson
Business: NBV Enterprise Solutions
Business Advisor: Brodie-Dee Johnson
Submission Date: October 2nd 2014
Lecturer: Julie O’Callaghan
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Introduction: Introduction to the company, and what I do – Page 3 Section 1: The two types of Business’, their purpose and ownership Page 4 Section2: Different Stakeholders who influence the purpose Page 5/6 Section 3: Points of Views from different stakeholders Page 7/8 Section 4: Evaluation of the influences with advantages and disadvantages Page 9/10 Section 5:

Section 6:
Reference Page: Page 13

Introduction (P1)
NBV Enterprise Solutions Ltd is a not-for-profit company founded in 1982 to support people considering starting their own business, or looking for help to grow an existing enterprise. NVB is based in the middle of East Midlands with sites that stretch across the region. We also have a 30 years’ experience and a record of delivering support to the community. We also offer a wide range of dynamics and creative services including: One-to-one business advice

Skill development workshops
Networking activities
Mentoring Support
We are named as one of the leading business support agencies in the UK we are recognised as a model of good practice by the government departments such as BIS and CLG. We are a small to medium business, to transform communities. We are a source of innovation and new ideas, SME’S provide over 50% of the nation GDP. We also generate a lot more jobs overall than established companies. In addition to all of this, starting a new business can change a person life enabling them to live their ambitions and live the life that they wish with confidence and to broaden skills. Our target audience is people that want to start a new business or anyone that is looking to help an existing company to grow. “My job role within this company is a Business Advisor I can help people find out where and why a business is going wrong and I can give advice on how to turn it around. In addition, I can also help assist people with development of a new business or a new branch of an existing business. Working with a Business Advisor can be extremely beneficial I have years of experience along with years of knowledge which is gained through working with numerous types of business’. I am willing to help you succeed no matter what the situation is.” Section 1 (P1)

Honey Pot
Honey Pot is a national not-for-profit company that have helped and continues to help with thousands of children across the UK. Most of the children they help are young carers who have school, growing up and preforming a surrogate adult role at home. Many for a chronically ill loved one, or have a parent that take drugs, alcohol or have a mental health problem. Some will have been in a caring role since the age as young as 5 years old, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The way honey pot help is that they proved support to the children that need it the most. Honey pot help by giving the children the time of that they deserve along with care for their loved ones that they are caring for. Before a child begins with Honey Pot the first stage is a referral from someone already working with a child in need; school, social worker, doctor, health visitor, community organisation or young carer. A home visit will be arranged with the child and their family. This proved an opportunity for them to assess each child’s situation and individual needs. It’s also the way they learn about the child’s personality, hobbies, likes and dislikes and what they expect from Honey Pot. They also speak to the children to help them understand what they are doing to help them. Honey Pot is in the Tertiary Sector as they provide a service to children free of charge, but they do this by receiving donations from the public to help them carry out the company....
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