Investigate the Effect of Different Temperatures and Chemicals Including Various Ph Levels, Alcohol and Detergent on the Cell Membrane Structure and Function

Topics: Cell membrane, Heat, Temperature Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Aim: Investigate the effect of different temperatures and chemicals including various pH levels, alcohol and detergent on the cell membrane structure as well as function. Hypothesis: Increasing the temperature and pH levels which the beetroot membrane cells are exposed to will increase the amount of dye that passes out of the membrane. Materials: Part A

• Bunsen Burner, Tripod and a Wire Gauze
• 250mL Beaker
• A 100° thermometer
• Matches
• 10mL measuring cylinder
• Sticky labels and a Pen
• Fine forceps
• Eight test tubes
• Test-tube rack
• Access to fridge and freezer
• 30 washed beetroot slices in a 100mL beaker of water
• Knife
Part B
• 10 Test tubes
• Sticky labels and Pen
• Glad Wrap
• Fine Forceps
• 30 washed beetroot slices in a 100mL beaker of water
• Solutions of:
o pH: 2, 6 and 11
o Ethanol: 1%, 25% and 50%
o Detergent: 1% and 5%
o Water: Boiled distilled and aerated distilled
• Tap water (Enough to fill 10 test tubes)
• Knife
• Test-tube rack

Procedure: Part A
1. A beaker full of beetroot slices and water (Around 40 pieces) was collected. 2. The beetroot dye was washed out with water from the tap and fresh water was added in. 3. Eight sticky labels were collected and marked with the following temperatures (in Celsius); -5°, 5°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70° and 80°. The stuck then on Eight test-tubes and placed those in a test-tube rack. 4. Five beetroot slices were put into the test-tube labeled ‘-5°’ and were place in a freezer for 30 minutes 5. Another five beetroot slices were taken but this time placed in the test-tube with ‘5°’ labeled on it. This was put in the fridge for 30 minutes. 6. After a 250mL beaker was filled with 125mL of water and placed it on a tripod which was over a Bunsen burner. The water was heated up to 25°C (The thermometer was used to check) and then turned the Bunsen burner off and let the water rise until it reached 30°C
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