Inventory System

Topics: Entity-relationship model, Flowchart, Output Pages: 8 (2047 words) Published: December 31, 2010
Inventory System

Rochelle Joyce Camalig
Aljay Saraga
Edlyn Hainto
Mark Ulysses Bayot
Paul John Parrenas


The group would like to acknowledge Mr. Danillo Albay, SAD professor, for giving our team the opportunity to create this system. The group also acknowledge the company Golden Key Auto Supply and General Merchandise for letting us examine its system.

I.Mission and Vision


As a wholesaler and retailer of automotive spare parts, the company aims to serve the needs and requirement of various type of automobile. It aims to provide high quality parts and materials for the proper maintenance and repairs of the vehicle.

The business envisions itself to become the number automotive parts supplies in the Cavite region.

II. Organizational Chart

III.Historical Background:

The Golden Key Auto Supply is a Filipino business. Based in Dasmariñas, Cavite, the auto supply was founded by Salvador E. Young in June 1999. The Young's family was in the automotive parts dealer for almost forty years. It started at Sorsogon, Sorsogon in 1976 and had established branches at Samar, Tabaco Albay and in Makati. As the family migrated to Cavite, they decided to put up the Golden key Auto Supply at Dasmarinas, Cavite. In 2008, they renamed the business to saviour Auto supply.

IV.Background of the Study

Many auto supplies nowadays usually lack an efficient inventory system. This is usually because most small time dealers don’t care much about the existing system due to the reason that the business is still small and just growing. This is why in unexpected incidents such as lost of certain items, problems arise. This shows the importance of inventory systems in such businesses.

The purpose of this study is to construct an efficient inventory system for Golden Key Auto Supply. Golden Key Auto Supply was a part of Young’s Auto Supply. It often encounters problems regarding its inventory system. Usually, some items disappear without any record. This is why items should be tracked properly. These problems occur because the company follows no officially established system. They just keep a record of the sales which they determine using the receipts. But they also admitted that not all items are being given receipts. This is the reason why the record becomes unreliable. Another problem is that they only keep one copy of the record. Having no back up files may result to loss of data.

With these regards, the group decided to work on a system for Golden Key Auto Supply.

V.Statement of the Problem
A company, especially a company that sells items should have an efficient inventory system. Companies that do not have strong inventory system may lead into bankruptcy due to the sneaking out products.

The first problem of the Golden Key Auto Supply and General Merchandise is that it has no established inventory system. Many small companies have also this kind of problem. They say that they have a system that can organize the flow of their inventory but this system does not followed all the time. So the tendency is, the information needed to make an inventory report is not very accurate. And in this matter continues, the company may shrink down to bankruptcy.

Another problem is lacking of safe keeping of the company’s records. Records are essential to make an inventory report. So if the company’s record are lost, or changed, company may suffer from difficulties in recording and retrieving their record of transactions, purchase and etc. The result is data can be corrupted to use it for steal the company’s capital and earning.

The third fatal problem of the company is not all the items sold are not being given receipts. This may affect the records. The group got information from the company itself that the low cost items are sometimes being taken for granted and not being given receipts. This might be only seem small, but if these build up, this...
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