Inventory System

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Company Profile

Background/History of Bilibiran Multi-Purpose Cooperative

70 decades when start building partnership cooperative with the help of parents who started this work. It established by Roman Lacostales Antonil known for the “Father of Cooperative in Bilibiran” together with his members and cooperation and belief of the Bilibiran residence.

The Cooperative started a service that they call Water Service, it is for the daily service of water that satisfies the daily needs for the entire member and consumer. Before it is under of the Barangay Council of Bilibiran and later on with the aim of our parents to help our community, they authorized the established Cooperative to continue the good fledge of our former father of Barangay Bilibiran Agapito Cequeña Sr. and his tenants.

Year 1979, September 16, with the permission and blessings of our former governor Isidro S. Rodriguez, he transferred the supervision to govern to BILIBIRAN WATER SERVICE COOPERATIVE INC. so the goal that it contained to established a Cooperative have resulted well and continued public service activities, and in a small solar that they hired they built a small office for initiation.

We monitored how it will run and alleged by regime to provide a good service for us. We all saw and knew the situation when raising the operation and its unpleasant consequences. But despite of all the hard that it took and the experiences of founder, they didn’t stop but they work for it and think for the possible solutions on how they will raise it again from declining of the organization and to give their promise of a good service.

We also observed how these were not loosen their sworn duty, they are all together, they are united to travel the paths of a good tomorrow for all of us and even did not spoke I read to their eyes the term “Para sa kapakanan ng susunod na henerasyon, wag natin itong pabayaan bagkus ito’y ating alagaan.”

The time continues to trend, they continued the fledge. I observed those who discouraged and misjudged the supervision and said “Kung hindi kaya ang pamamahala ay ibigay na ito sa pamamahala ng Pamahalaan.”

They come into the point that they wanted to surrender the cooperative to the management of Binangonan Government, but in the belief and alleged of our parents they bravely brought it with the help of the father of the cooperative Roman Antonil and director Benito Lirio to our former Mayor Isidro Pacis to request for one more chance to improve it and while saying we can strengthen this association.

And because of this, they started to raise it and with the help of our Municipal Government they gave us one source of water in Mabato(Phase #1 Water Pump) and they gave money loans to us cost one hundred thousand pesos for additional capital of the Cooperative that we had to pay and here began the light that we all want to seek.

With the help of all residence of Bilibiran and together patronage of the business of Cooperative therefore the status of the cooperative raised. Time has come and they come to the point that water pump has been gone but despite of this they didn’t broke them to have faith and help each other to think for the best solution. On this fight, they achieved again the Cooperative and with the help of our government through our former mayor Isidro Pacis, Gov. Casimiro “Ito” Ynares and mayor Cesar Ynares we were blessed again and gave another source of water (Phase #2 Water Pump) placed at the front of Sto. Niño and to be considered as owned by cooperative that will enough for all of us.

Because of this opportunity they continued their fledge and do not let go to continue hat they started to the path of progress. And strive to attain the sayings “Our aim, Is to serve you better. Please be Cooperative.”

Until now that the Cooperative are still on going to the service public and now that the BILIBIRAN WATER SERVICE COOPERATIVE INC. Now became the BILIBIRAN...
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