Inventory Management Systems

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Purpose, Scope and Objectives
The client, Nisei Boutique currently has to manually track inventory and reorder high in demand items. The client is in need of an automated inventory system but has a very limited budget. Nisei Boutique would like to improve the quality of business by establishing long-lasting relationships with their customers and having quality items readily available at all times. After meeting with the client and reviewing the boutique’s existing inventory procedures for control and its available hardware, we will present the client with the means to achieve the objectives for improving their business. The following equipment is required for achieving the project objectives: – Computer and additional hardware for a point of service (POS) cash register – Cash Register Express (CRE), POS software full professional edition and Inventory Track Express (ITE) software – Upgrade Verizon contract to include small business Internet service For the boutique to purchase an automated inventory system, the business can analyze the information provided to determine which products are selling and which items are not. It will help the client to become more efficient by increasing their sales while decreasing their inventory supply and reducing the man hours which are required to take inventory by hand. Describe Equipment

Semicron Systems offers a clothing store POS bundle (see Appendix A) that provides all hardware that is required for completing customer transactions. The Cash Register Express (CRE) software is capable of tracking the store’s inventory once a sale has been processed. CRE software makes it easy for the client to control inventory just by scanning the item via a stationary barcode reader and the software ensures the client will always have the high demand items in stock. The CRE software also provides the client with the capability to track repeat customers. This feature enables Nisei Boutique to process bonuses or award gift cards...
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