Inventory Control System and Restaurant

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Chapter 2


This chapter presents some related literature and studies which guided the researchers in the conduct of their study.

Foreign Related Literatures

In the study conducted by Md Taha Hanisha entitled Online Restaurant Management System (2008) a system that provides service facility to restaurant and also to the customer. The services that are provided are food ordering and reservation table management by the customer through the system online. With this system online, ordering and reservation management will become easier and systematic to replace traditional system.

With this study, the ordering and reservation services will be easier to the customer because it can be done through the internet. The study helps the proponents to improve the services of the business through online and they knew the different demands that the company must meet.

According Li, et. al. (2011), the E-commerce on-line catering reserving and ordering system based on mobile intelligent terminal is system integrates with wireless communications, artificial intelligence, and database technologies and achieves many functions, such as reserving, ordering, evaluation, recommending, restaurants navigation, scheduling, information displaying, and ordering records management, etc. The system has realized customer-focused, personalized, and high quality catering reserving and ordering service and has been used in several restaurants in Beijing. With the use of modern information technology it improves the operational efficiency of restaurant and catering enterprises.

This study gives the proponents an idea to which the system helps the business in different operations with the use of the technology. The system integrates with wireless communications that could help the company to have a high standard performance.

Local Related Literatures

According to the studies conducted by the Distributors Edge (2010), Distributors of all kinds are now facing challenges to their survival and success as today’s difficulty economy puts increasing pressure on inventories. As competition in testifies, cost raise, customer expectations increase, and profit margins continue to shrink; the margin for error around inventory management has continuously narrowed. Now, wholesalers/distributors are forced to confront the dilemma associated with inventory. They must determine how to keep stock levels as low as possible without sacrificing customer service. Unfortunately, their pain points are increasingly exposed. Whether they are stocking electrical supplies, medical devices, automotive parts, food and beverage products, building materials, or products from other sectors, most distributors are now challenged to rethink their approaches to inventory management.

At this point, the proponents became aware of the current situation of inventory systems through the passing and upcoming years and that inventory system now must be accurate and perfectly working in order to provide good service and satisfy the users.

Foreign Related Studies

In the study conducted by David Piasecki entitled Inventory Management System (2012) a multi-user application that offers fast and user friendly facilities for registration and managing a wide range of telecommunication networks and platforms. This includes IP, MPLS, SDH, SONET, PDH, WDH, Fiber, Ethernet, NGN, Frame Relay, Mobile, DCN, Sync etc. can be used across the entire organization. This means that the needs of the technical departments, sales through to senior management are all well catered for. A comprehensive, integrated view of the entire network can be represented by IMS and can be used to automate delivery and communications. Automatic configuration, Planned Work impact analysis, Network Reconciliation, Single Point of Failure calculations, Warehouse and Spare Management are all facilities which increase the...
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