Inventory Control System

Topics: Inventory, Supply chain management, Procurement Pages: 4 (527 words) Published: September 21, 2011
Case example: Inventory Control System
Customer profile Nature of business: Trading Purchases consumer products from China and repacks them. Distributes repackaged products to wholesalers and retailers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

♦ Background and problems
Daily business operation involves procurement management, shipment schedule, consolidating sales orders, and delivery. Shortage of administrative personnel in handling the growing volume of supplies (Purchase Order), shipment schedule, and sales orders leads to overwork and increasing number of human errors. A trading company without a proper inventory control system to automate their manual tasks, spent more on resources in tracking records, schedules, and delivery information etc. Increasing the number of administrative staffs does not usually solve the daily operational problems. In contrast, automation of daily operating tasks can result in higher efficiently and eliminates business-related errors.

♦ Challenge

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Build a systematic inventory database for easy collection of product, batch, shipment, delivery, warehouse, re-ordering, goods return, suppliers, customers, information etc. Enhance daily business operation flow by integrating work processes. Generate quick reporting system for inventory product records, shipment and delivery schedules, damage and returned goods, sales performance, expenditure statements, cash-flow, etc.

♦ Reason to the decision

Improvement after implementing the system

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Reasonable price and flexible customization Strong efficiency improvement for overall business operation. Provides critical reporting information for making important business decisions.

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Improvement of efficiency at min. 300% High performance in inventory levels. Cost saving business operations using new and improved system processes.



♦ Inventory Business Processes
1. Ordering Procedures (New Items)
Procurement management Create...
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