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inventory and sales system

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Chapter 1
This research also reflects the change of emphasis in information systems development from developing customized systems to developing tools which are flexible and easy to use. This is a very significant change, as it allows end users at all levels in organizations, and society as a whole, to use technology more actively, and to find, manipulate, and reconfigure information to suit their own purposes. Access to such tools and the information resources that they make available are potent factors contributing to economic and social development. This close and unavoidable interplay between technology and society (including the individual) is the reason. Information Systems in considered to be social science. Information technology tools that access formal databases and retrieve information have been widely adopted in organizations, but technology such as mobile telephones and e-mail is used extensively by individuals in their work and private communication. Thus, the use of e-mail has social consequences far beyond the work environment. There is likely to be an effect on society as whole, which is similar in some ways to the effect that Orlikowski’s model of the duality of

technology describes within organization with a more formal structure and clear purpose. In other words, the adoption of e-mail as means of communication will result in e-mail being used in ways that are not foreseen, and social structures will themselves begin to change as a result of this technology. In particular, in the educational context, the use of virtual teams is likely to produce unexpected team behavior, unusual new patterns of use and ways of using it, and changes to the educational system. Background of the study Visatech Intergrated Corporation is a company telecommunication with the clear objective of providing its customers the best alternative. Globe Telecom (PSE:GLO) commonly known as Globe, is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. Formed out of a partnership between Ayala Corporation and Singapore Telecom, the company operates one of the largest and most technologically advanced mobile, fixed line, and broadband networks in the country, and maintains a large distributor and over-the-air reload network of retailers, distributors, suppliers, and business partners nationwide. The world is increasingly connected, our businesses, our customers all share is need information and Visatech Intergrated Corporation need structure that supports it.

Visatech Intergrated Corporation has an existing system. The company use Microsoft Excel in terms of their inventory. It is computer based system but it is not user friendly and also it is hard to understand by the new employee. Their existing system is not well organized so it is difficult to find the needed information.
The developer proposed an inventory system for Visatech Intergrated Corporation to minimized redundancy of information and also to minimized time consumption in making a report for the desired product. It also helps the employees minimized their time consumption by entering information about the products, and to have a more user-friendly.
Scope and Delimitations
The limitation of the system is it cannot handle the payroll of the employee and also its daily time record.
The proposed system also provides other services as follows:
To develop a system capable of managing information of the products;
To develop a system capable of making a report;
To develop a system that can arrange information well;
To develop a system that has a capacity to handle complex data;

To develop a system with database that can handle and secure data;
To develop a system having a accurate sales;
To develop a system that can evaluate its security, accuracy, reliability.
Significance of Study
The significance of the study are:
For Company to help the company handle its inventory and more accurate sales.
For Employee to minimized the time consumption in making and a reports and to minimized the paper works of the employees.
For the Customer to fasten the time of buying.
For Future Developer to help them develop a system about inventory and also to make this system capable of improving.

Development of inventory and sales system

A Research Project Proposal

Presented to the faculty of the
Information Technology Department
Access Computer and Technical College


Ace rigor p. mercado dante alboleras neil patrick c. dolendo noriel brutas

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree
Computer Science

December 18, 2013


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