Inventory and Quotation Information System

Topics: Business, Supply chain management terms, Commerce Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Information Technology was introduced in the world of business to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of the business management. Through system proposals, Information Technology alleviates or solves the downside of manual system of businesses. A good quotation will dictate whether you can commence and continue with a trade or whether it is going to collapse early on. It is always far better to push for a good quotation at the commencement of a deal as doing so will tell you very quickly if you are to proceed or cease trading in this particular deal. The PIA needs to know if they have a potentially serious end buyer or could finally reach such a buyer with the issue of a good quotation. Although you can commence a deal by issuing an offer, it is not desirable (Papa and Elliott, 2009). According to Bill Kerber & Brian J. Dreckshage (2011), those stocks or items used to support production (raw materials and work-in-process items), supporting activities (maintenance, repair, and operating supplies), and customer service (finished goods and spare parts). Demand for inventory may be dependent or independent. Inventory functions are anticipation, hedge, cycle (lot size), fluctuation (safety, buffer, or reserve), transportation (pipeline), and service parts. All organizations keep inventory."Inventory" includes a company's raw materials, work in process, supplies used in operations, and finished goods. Inventory can be as simple as a bottle of glass cleaner used as part of a building's custodial program or as complex as a mix of raw materials and subassemblies used as part of a manufacturing process (Max Muller, 2011). In line with this, the researchers proposed a system of product quotation and inventory management for JRJ Glassware and Aluminum Supply. The JRJ Glassware and Aluminum Supply business is registered under sole proprietorship. The business entity is composed of owner, accounting personnel, secretary, assistant secretary, manager, 20 installers and 3...
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